In Cold Blood

Mortal Infinity

Germany's own MORTAL INFINITY may not be a highly known band at the moment, but […]
By "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams
September 25, 2019
Mortal Infinity - In Cold Blood album cover

Germany's own MORTAL INFINITY may not be a highly known band at the moment, but this album will hopefully continue their progression into more ears and more playlists than before. They have the great pace and aggression of Hardcore meets Thrash. Like a blend of TERROR meets TOXIC HOLOCAUST. So, if you like one or both of those bands, then you'll love this album. Some have compared the band's sound to EXODUS and WARBRINGER. Also, let's be honest, the artwork is pretty fucking cool. Similar to what you'd expect to see on a HATESPHERE album cover.

"Fellowship of Rats" kicks us off with speed from the off that is a true memory of old school thrash. There is a decent vocal imput, notyhing held down fro too long, keeping short and effective, with a few screams, which breaks it down very well. Clearly this is a band with a serious chemistry. An EXODUS style gap-solo hits in around the 2-minute mark, it's a good tempo that continues to build into the 2nd half of the song. Around the 3-minute mark we have a TESTAMENT style solo, its an awesome sound with then a Death / Thrash approach vocally coming in, which works so well.

"Misanthropic Collapse" is a song that could be from any TESTAMENT or EXODUS album. The build up is amazing. Its intense, driving and all-round awesome. The good thing about the sound is the vocals from Marc are keeping in tune and speed with the others. There is also a thick bass from Alex that keeps the whole thing together. The band is one with themselves. The tempo never dies, the sound never ceases to impress. It ends on the band solo the likes of previous mentioned bands in their prime.

"Repulsive Messiah" has Adrian building up the drums like Max Cavalera would. The sound is old school thrash build up, and that has been missed from several bands in the past. The tempo is super high octane through out, which is what Thrash was always about. They also have the heavier side kicking in very similar to OVERKILL and TESTAMENT.The way Sebastien leads with his guitar is amazing, there are no points in this that my body was still. You can't sit still, it's a gripping song.

"Deam Crusher" has the aggression levels that many bands can only wish to throw out. This album is turning into a potential classic. There is even a Thrash-like vocal style of VADAR and KATAKLYSM in the sheer power coming out, the instrumentalists don't let down either, keeping up and then some more. Its more like a Death / Thrash song, but its brilliantly placed. Each song just makes me think of styles from other great bands, but in MORTAL INIFITY's own style, no one elses.

"Long Forgotten Gods" starts with an awesome drum pattern of sound, something we don't hear too much anymore. Both instrumentally and vocally talents are set high, the balance between is great, neither trying to out do the other. The sound is similar to when bands like TRIVIUM hadn't sold out, where trying to get more technical but couldn't, only difference is these guys hit it.

ARTILLERY are here with, no wait its OVERKILL, no its still MORTAL INIFITY with another Thrash magnum opus: "Silent Assassin (Champion of War)". They are mid-way into the album, still throwing out sounds than any old Thrash fans will love, mixing with a few sick, clean guitar licks than any one would look to EXODUS for. They are in full flow at the moment. The album is just coming together and it sounds like they couldn't fuck this up if they tried. Its so good to hear the style still works, not only in Thrash, but the modern bands.

"Devastator, Devastated" has a metalcore style rythmn in it, but more of a prime HEAVEN SHALL BURN feel to it, so still heavy as hell. Vocally, its short but effective. The instrumentalist is who guides you through this song, with a cleaner cut sound than most Thrash abds do, but it's a good change, nothing bad about it what so ever. The balance is amazing to hear. These guys will not be in the shadows for very long

If you told me that "In Cold Blood" was an EXODUS cover, I would believe you. You can hear the Bay-Area Thrash inspiration from the off. It is a fantastic song, which for so late in the album, can be a rariety. The pace and tempo is highly tuned. Its an old-school, no bullshit style song, that will keep your head banging and feet tapping through out.

"Ghost Ship Sailor" ends off the album nicely. The strumming of guitar in the rain (added effects) is a good build up. It builds up tempo gradually once the drums from Adrian kick in. It is a more modern thrash sound, but it has a good old school fashion about it. The aggression we've heard throughout the album has not dwindled one bit. The tempo is sky high still. Just after the 6-minute mark, the final solo appears. It is a beautiful melody to end the album, not seemingly to hold back one bit at all.

Is there a skipable song? Is there fuck! It's such a fantastic album, the sound is phenomenal. I now get the EXODUS sound. The Album Track "In Cold Blood", if that comes on my iPod until Marc lets the vocals out, I will think it is EXODUS. 10/10 does not do justice for how good this is. This should win awards for how good this is. I can't sing the praises enough for this album

10 / 10









"In Cold Blood" Track-listing:

1. Fellowship of Rats
2. Misanthropic Collapse
3. Repulsive Messiah
4. Dream Crusher
5. Long Forgotten Gods
6. Silent Assassin (Champion of War)
7. Devastator, Devastated
8. In Cold Blood
9. Ghost Ship Sailor

Mortal Infinity Lineup:

Marc Doblinger - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Sebastian Unrath - Lead Guitars
Alex Glaser - Bass Guitar
Adrian Müller - Drums

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