A sixteen-legged hate machine playing nasty, brutal Deathgrind, Germany's MORSER have turned in an utterly […]
By Tim Bolitho-Jones
April 28, 2015
Morser - V album cover

A sixteen-legged hate machine playing nasty, brutal Deathgrind, Germany's MORSER have turned in an utterly horrific album with "V". They refer to their music as 'pure fucked up war music' and it's exactly that. Your parents will moan that "it's just noise" and to some extent, they'd be right, but that's part of the appeal and they're never going to understand that man. You should just huff some more glue and drop out of college, that'd show 'em.

Having been active for nearly two decades, they've got a lot of experience under their belts and anyone with a soft spot for NAPALM DEATH or early CARCASS will love this. None of the tracks make it to the four minute mark, one is only seventeen seconds long and all of them are positively dripping in violence. Hell, they even finish with what sounds like a Medieval battle unfolding outside the studio.

Like all good Grind though, there's a sense of humour underpinning the whole thing. "Carol" spells out their modus operandi quite clearly with a quote about getting loaded and fucked up from 'The Wild Angels' (an old Roger Corman movie) then quickly descending into barnstorming power violence. "All To Suffer" meanwhile is an all-out burst of sonic extremity, four vocalists growling as one, each as unintelligible as the next and so over the top it's almost funny.

"Of Grenades" could have been lifted from any classic BOLT THROWER album, while "Dirt Crawler" is so heavy blacksmiths could use it as a hammer to shape swords with. They also know when to round things off, as "V" ends at the exact moment when the persistent bludgeoning starts to get tiring.

That's not to say this is the greatest album of all time but it's a reliably entertaining slice of bang-head-constantly music. There's nothing particularly pretentious about it and you do get the distinct impression that a few tongues were pressed against cheeks during the writing process. But it's loud, it's vicious and it's fun, how often is extreme music fun nowadays?

7 / 10


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"V" Track-listing:

1. All To Suffer
2. Lost In The Days
3. Absorbing
4. The Surface
5. Closed Hatches
6. Dead Run
7. Alle Nach Grabi Hiin
8. Dirt Crawler
9. Carol
10. Of Grenades
12. Patina Reminder
13. Greatful (,) Dad
14. Outro

Morser Lineup:

Chaco - Vocals
Andre - Drums
Sven - Guitar
Svenion - Guitar
Matze - Bass
Denny - Vocals
Grabi - Vocals
DC - Vocals

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