Mors Subita

As if a knife was swiftly run through my throat, I was cut through one […]
April 24, 2015
Mors Subita - Degeneration album cover

As if a knife was swiftly run through my throat, I was cut through one dash after another by the rigorous nature of this offering that came upon me like a sudden storm in a breezy afternoon. Thrown into the bloody moshpit, with an aching neck, I was introduced to the Finnish modern Melodic Death / Thrash Metal fiery demons of MORS SUBITA. I believe that the term energetic might be all too comfortable for these guys, which apparently are driven by something stronger than XL beverages, plainly fueled by their utmost inner mission to comprise the toughest, yet sharp enough, kind of Metal music that would draw their listeners into the pits. Coming back with album number two, "Degeneration", via OneManArmy Records, insanity reigns supreme as the ground will began shaking right from the get go, prepare yourself to be blown to bits.

Simply put, it is an onslaught, with a thankful short break just to catch one's breath and right back into the drowning pool of utter madness. MORS SUBITA never thought about stopping for just one moment to take notes, they simply let it all out, possibly since they had four years to keep it under their skin until the time was right. Musically, it is a bombastic type of heaviness meets relentless attention to details, attributing nifty technical approach and distorted arrangements, always rushing forward and attacking. I found various similarities to AT THE GATES, SOILWORK, IN FLAMES and a bit of the grinding old CARCASS. This astounding direction measured up to what I could gather as memorable riffery and chorus structures as I quite fondly observed on the almost modern Heavy Metal "Reform" or the staggering melodic driven power of "World Separated", which if had a clean vocalist, it could have been a mighty hit. Nonetheless, MORS SUBITA weren't in just for the groove and melody, their appeal to stand out in terms of technical means reminded me of older mischiefs of MESHUGGAH and DECAPITATED. Stilling keeping it melodic, "Resistance" and its companion, "Divine Is a Fraud", severed with sharp edged brutality, proving that these guys can compose complex song structures and diverse Metal perspective.

The reason that I couldn't raise it more for this album was due to my general feeling that track after track, at least on the vast majority on the list of tunes, appeared as if those were a straight line. Since there are barely stop signs, it all appeared the same to me, even a tad repetitive at times, especially the vocal end. Gladly that the band's melodic posture and solo outbreaks that kept the chug riffery in a better shape, swinging the band into new levels of greatness. Eventually this is above what you would refer to as a solid album. It would have you linger within the newly revamped Gothenburg style of Death Metal, but with a sort of groove that will also send you elsewhere. You would better check this one out.

7 / 10


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"Degeneration" Track-listing:

1. Degenerate
2. Resistance
3. End Complete
4. World Separated
5. Release
6. Reform
7. Cult of Mischief
8. Turmoil
9. Divine Is a Fraud
10. Last Journey

Mors Subita Lineup:

Eemeli Bodde - Vocals
Mika Lammassaari - Guitars, Backing vocals
Mika Junttila - Bass
Ville Miinala - Drums

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