Null Dimensions


My introduction to MORPHOLITH actually came through a video recommendation of a cover song from […]
By Ricardo "Lebzul" Brenes
January 27, 2021
Morpholith - Null Dimensions album cover

My introduction to MORPHOLITH actually came through a video recommendation of a cover song from the almighty ELECTRIC WIZARD, none other than "We Hate You". I must say that without having listened to anything else from them before, they had won me over as a fan from that very first listen, not just because of the particular song choice, paying tribute to a 20-year-old milestone of the genre, but because they absolutely captured the entire essence of the original and presented it to us in a fresh, hypnotizing and crushing way only a band who feels what it does can. Give me more... "Null Dimensions" is their most recent offering, after their debut EP "Void Emissions" in 2018.An album that is charged with intensity and a deep feeling of vastness.

"Orb" opens up the two-song EP marching slowly into a journey of over twenty minutes along the realms of the Icelandic Doom Wizards, moving in, like a massive cold avalanche in slow motion, dragging the cold dead bodies from the villages on its path. The psychedelic stoner vibe is very strong as the song evolves with every new sound pouring into the hypnotic vortex until the vocals set in, clean, yet low, with a certain vibe that seamlessly fits the mysterious sonic scenery. The half sung, half spoken words go on and everything feels absolutely immense, as every note seems to just flow freely forever in communion with the whole, very nicely elaborated sound, heavy and deep, without over-fuzzing. After thirteen minutes into this doomed voyage the distortion sets in and the tone drops into the pits of despair and a harsh version of the vocals sets in, the influence of ELECTRIC WIZARD, SLEEP is rather obvious, the band sticks to the root sound and in doing so, it owns it.

Uninterruptedly, and as if floating through a space portal we land on "Monocarp", which starts like a death sentence, with heavy-ass pounding notes and that psychedelic-trippy background feedback that makes you feel as if you had drunk the bongwater. Much more on the sludge side of doom, this track combines both clean, desperate vocals and rather angry, menacing growls and screams, providing a nice mix and an interesting balance to the song. Once again, the sound is massive, felt a bit like AHAB at times when it comes to crushing weight of the notes and drums altogether. Over the 7-minute mark, the strong bass lines create a dark pathway to agonizing vocal screams and a crescendo of sounds that perfectly converge to close up this chapter in the book of life, and death...

I have to say that I am impressed, I really dig this release and the way each song evolves into such massive and powerful music. The whole spirit of the Stoner Doom style is captured into the soul of this band, the vocals, the spacey effects, the droning, sludgy sound and fuzzy tone. It has it all. The band is now focused on releasing a full-length, but in the meantime, I strongly recommend you don't miss out on this one. If they just keep producing music like this, they will become a legendary act.

10 / 10









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"Null Dimensions" Track-listing:

1. Orb
2. Monocarp

Morpholith Lineup:

Snæbjörn Þór Árnasson - Vocals
Víðir Örn Gunnarsson - Guitars
Stefán Gestur Stefansson - Bass
Hörður Jónsson - Guitars, synthesizers
Jónas Hauksson - Drums

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