The World Of Retribution


In a world where the French scene is at the forefront of the Depressive and […]
By Erika Kuenstler
February 5, 2015
Morodh - The World Of Retribution album cover

In a world where the French scene is at the forefront of the Depressive and Atmospheric Black Metal scene, it is always refreshing to come across bands from different countries that put their own spin on things. Formed in 2011, Russian Depressive Black Metal outfit MORODH is one such band, and have released their debut full-length album "The World of Retribution" at the end of last year, thereby unveiling an almost tangible embodiment of pain and anguish.

Starting off with "Desperation", the oppressive and morose beginning swells and blooms into a tempestuous melody that is both hot and cold simultaneously, whilst the vocals hit you like a searing blizzard wind that chills you to the bones. As good as this track is however, "Ritalin" completely blows you away with its haunting ephemeral passages that weave through the very essence of your soul; a simply stunning song that is sure to cut through to the deepest corners of the psyche. Despite this being the longest track on the album, the interesting twists and turns that the melody takes keep you spellbound, taking you on what seems to be an endless spiral down through the pits of all despair, before ending it all off with a resounding gun shot just as you feel you can't bear any more. "Regret" is an aptly named track that perfectly captures the emotionality of remorse, full of self-hatred and anger. "Fatality" on the other hand is unique in that the first part of it relies on clean vocals, which make a nice complement to the slower paced melancholy of the track, and create a poignant contrast when the song breaks back into the harsh and gravely vocal style. "Loneliness" is an instrumental track that uses an almost oriental sounding melody to draw everything together. This results in a feeling almost akin to being in a timeless state where all that marks the passage of time is drudging from one pinnacle of pain to the next. However, the desolation in this track is soon at an end, climaxing in "Lie", the final track. I particularly like the dark, sinister, and sludgy undertow that this song possesses: it makes the perfect end to the stark introspection that the rest of the album led you on, with "The World of Retribution" seeming to almost follow a progression of each day: wake up, realise how wrong the world is, swallow some meds, feel no better, and try to deceive everyone and yourself by telling them you are ok. To quote a friend, every man dies by himself alone, and this album drives that point painfully home.

The artwork also brings this feeling of loneliness and despair to life, giving the impression of a meaningless and fleeting existence that is devoid of companionship. The recording is also well done, with each instrument being crisp, whilst still contributing to a coherent whole. The songs are well-written and have a strong, passionate sound that deeply involves the listener, switching you from a passive listener to someone that actively engages in the emotions being conveyed. That being said, there is a lot less emphasis on atmosphere than seen in a lot of Depressive Black Metal bands, but whether you see this as a plus point or a minus for the band depends on your own preferences. Overall in my opinion however, "The World of Retribution" is an excellent album and a definite must listen for fans of the genre.

8 / 10


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"The World Of Retribution" Track-listing:

1. Desperation
2. Ritalin
3. Regret
4. Fatality
5. Desolation
6. The End
7. Loneliness
8. Lie

Morodh Lineup:

Andreas - Drums
Ragnaar - Guitars
Astaroth - Vocals
Anthart - Bass

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