Ov Mournful Twilight


MORBIKON is a Black Metal collective formed in the USA and Finland in 2020. This […]
January 18, 2023
Morbikon - Ov Mournful Twilight album cover

MORBIKON is a Black Metal collective formed in the USA and Finland in 2020. This is their debut album, which contains eight tracks. "Consumed by Entropy" opens with a lead guitar dive-bomb and a very chaotic sound. It settles a little bit but dissonant, aggressive tones remain throughout the song. "Universal Funeral" is a bit slower and less chaotic. But the riffing remains fairly elementary. The vocals and all Black Metal, but the instruments have more of a Death Metal tinge to them. It is pretty generic, however, save for the meaty bass notes. "Curse to March on Shattered Limbs" begins with some clean tones and a little symphony. From there, it's a familiar sound once again. Although some of the guitar work is decent, and the bassist established his instrument, there isn't much original about this sound.

The title track also begins with some promising sounds...some harrowing background elements go hand-in-hand with the clean guitars. However, it is soon dashed by a super-heavy riff, pounding drums, and vocal screams. "In Ritual Isolation" begins with thick bass notes but soon regresses to the same sound once again. It is getting hard to find new adjectives to describe the sound, and that is exactly the problem with the album. "Contagion Borne of Phantom Vessel" begins with deep, harrowing elements. The slow grind allows the evil to really sink in. The pacing varies from slow to fast, with symphonic elements high in hand. "Infinite Pathways to the Earthen Grave" closes the album. Some guitar harmonies build in this beastly offering, and the album is getting better as it moves along. Unfortunately, however, some of the same patterns are fallen back into.

Overall, this wasn't something that grabbed me. Their musicianship is decent, but their songwriting needs work. They managed a few harrowing moments that were real, and the symphonic elements were supportive, though not that noticeable in the final mix. Much of the album sounded like the FWOBM crossed with Death Metal at times. It was just...uninspired.

5 / 10









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"Ov Mournful Twilight" Track-listing:

1. Consumed by Entropy
2. Universal Funeral
3. Cursed to March on Shattered Limbs
4. Deaththirst
5. Ov Mournful Twilight
6. In Ritual Isolation
7. Borne of Phantom Vessel
8. Infinite Pathways to the Earthen Grave

Morbikon Lineup:

Phil "Landphil" Hall - Guitars
Dave Witte - Drums
Matthias "Vieth" Lillmåns - Vocals

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