Swallowed By Hell

Morbid Saint

“Swallowed By Hell” is a classical Thrash Metal journey visiting the best elements of the genre: pace, aggression, flesh-ripping guitar riffing, excellent lead guitar solos, and relentless drumming
March 18, 2024

MORBID SAINT hailing from Sheboygan, Wisconsin were formed in 1984. The Thrash Metal outfit were active from 1984 to 1994 and then from 2010 onwards. They released two full-length albums and one live album so far. Album number three “Swallowed By Hell” was mixed and mastered by Scott Elliott (DEPRIVED EXISTENCE; MIND PRISONER) at Chernobyl Studios. It has a length of about 47 minutes. The album was released via German label High Roller Records, which has many Thrash, Doom, and Heavy Metal bands among their current roster. The album has a frantic start. “Rise From The Ashes” is a kick-in-the-face track with flesh-ripping guitar riffing, crunching basslines, and blistering pace from the first to the final note. The track is pure insanity with plenty of double-bass drumming, two lead guitar solos at insane pace, and harsh vocals blasting out with full intensity. It is a great track to start the album. The title track starts with an extended dark cinematic intro, before the old school Thrash Metal onslaught continues. While the opener was insane throughout, “Swallowed By Hell” has a few tempo and rhythm switches, ranging from pre-dominantly crazy pace to some mid-tempo parts. The relentless machine gun-like double-bass drums are very prominent and drive the track forward. Highlight is the crazy but contributing lead guitar solo. “Swallowed By Hell” has been released on video and the YouTube link is provided below. “Bloody Floors” starts with a bass guitar intro, accompanied by the drums, and later by the guitars. It is another fast track with a few switches to mid-tempo. The track is more focused on melodies rather than on aggressive shredding. The melodic framework is grim, and the extended lead guitar solo has a few traces of classical inspirations. “Burn Pit” starts with the guitars and the whole intro to the track got a lot of SLAYER vibes. It is a mid-tempo track during the verse and chorus parts with tight guitar riffing. The break for the extended lead guitar solo is played at a higher pace and fans of lead guitar solos will love what they hear.

Fear Incarnate” starts with another cinematic intro transitioning into powerful drumming, staccato-type of riffing, and crushing basslines. The basslines are very prominent throughout the track. While the verse parts and the extended break for the lead guitar solo are played at crazy speed, the chorus parts are mid-tempo and a head-banging rhythm. It is a great track to listen to, since it contains many different elements that made Thrash Metal so unique. “Fuck Them All” is a very aggressive track driven by the double-bass drumming. The riffing is slightly more technical compared to most album songs. It is a mid-tempo track with a few subtle changes in tempo and rhythm during most of the playing time. The break leading to the solo is two-parted. While the first part is played at fast pace, the second part is at mid-tempo, resulting in two seperate lead guitar solos. “Bleed Them Dry” starts, as many album tracks, with an instrumental intro provided by the guitars, transitioning into a mid-tempo Thrash Metal madness. It is one of the few tracks with a bit more complexity in the song structure, more complex riffing, and many slight changes in tempo and rhythm. Some parts were inspired from SLAYER’s early albums. However, “Bleed Them Dry” adds a bit more diversity to the album.

Pine Tuxedo” starts with a classical inspired lead guitar driven intro transitioning into a Thrash Metal attack at a moderately high pace. While the verse parts come with some speed, the chorus parts are played at mid-tempo. Once again, there are many subtle changes in tempo and rhythm throughout, all ranging around mid-tempo. The strong basslines are again very prominent throughout, while the riffing is tight, direct, and simple. The highlighst are without doubt the lead guitar contributions during the track. “Killer Instinct” continues with the fast and aggressive Thrash Assault during the verse parts, while the chorus parts are head-bangers. It is one of the tracks with added complexities and twists in tempo and rhythms. Highlights for me are the drumming and the riffing. The album finishes as frantic as it started. “Psychosis” is a final fast track for the pit. Tight riffing, hammering drums, and great lead guitar melodies sum nicely up a great old school Thrash Metal album.

Thrash Metal never dies! This is the message coming with the new album of MORBID SAINT. “Swallowed By Hell” is a classical Thrash Metal journey visiting the best elements of this unique genre: pace, aggression, flesh-ripping guitar riffing, excellent lead guitar solos, relentless drumming, and harsh Thrash vocals that keep everything together. MORBID SAINT do not re-invent the wheel, but they are spinning the wheel in outstanding manner. The songwriting makes sure that “Swallowed By Hell” includes diversity in tempo and song complexity, which keeps the album fresh and dynamic. The album is well produced. “Swallowed By Hell” is one of the best Thrash Metal albums I listened to during the last few years, and they should belong to the collection of every Thrash Metal fan.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Swallowed By Hell" Track-listing:
  1. Rise From The Ashes
  2. Swallowed By Hell
  3. Bloody Floors
  4. Burn Pit
  5. Fear Incarnate
  6. Fuck Them All
  7. Bleed Them Dry
  8. Pine Tuxedo
  9. Killer Instinct
  10. Psychosis
Morbid Saint Lineup:

Pat Lind Vocals

Jay Visser Guitars

Jim Vergades Guitars

DJ Bagemehl Drums

Bob Zabel Bass

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