Death Anthems

Morbid Decapitation

The main argument of digital over analog media is the longevity of the recordings, whilst […]
By Quinten Serna
October 9, 2019
Morbid Decapitation - Death Anthems album cover

The main argument of digital over analog media is the longevity of the recordings, whilst connoisseurs will forever appreciate the fidelity and clarity of cassette and vinyl-Henry Rollins lovingly describes his love for Punk test pressings in his LA weekly articles-digital will just reach more audiences due to its fluidity; for fans of MORBID DECAPITATION, "Death Anthems" has now been released in full on a digital platform with an additional unreleased album picking up where the original ended culminating in a full 54 minutes of Death Metal.

To immediate knowledge the album bears no difference to its predecessor save some time changes from "Nuclear Warhead" to "Poser Slaughter," other than the addition of an entirely new album from "Destruction Of Peace And Freedom" onwards. The songs within the compilation are quick in tempo and short in time as few last beyond 2 and a half minutes with "Butchery Of The Slasher" being the longest at just over 4 minutes; the songs are composed with speed and abandon in mind akin to Punk and Speed Metal with tracks like "Canadian Winter (The Black Ice)," "Acidbath," and "Ready For Immolation" sharing those characteristics found within the genres. "Elle Mchpherson Deadly Fate" is perhaps the strangest song on the record commencing with a slow prelude-which makes up near half the song-and a Punk infused rhythm  coupled with 4 hooks and a solo before the song suddenly ends.

The fidelity and soundscape of the album changes between the recording sessions with the original "Death Anthem" recordings and the previously unreleased album-the former is more guttural and deep whilst the latter has higher mids, clearer drums, and much more pronounced vocals. Both recordings sound alright as neither instance drowns out any of the instruments though the vocals have a propensity for being quiet but never too much to be inaudible beneath the music. None of the recordings stand out for the prowess of their fidelity but do manage to offer a particular type of sound not found in convention, though that in itself is not necessarily a great thing.

"Death Anthems" is, in summary, an album compilation aimed towards those who are fans of MORBID DECAPITATION and those who enjoy low budget Punk/Thrash/Crossover works. To those familiar with the band the album presents itself as a great bundle composed of an album not previously readily available and an entirely unheard album once lost to the band's disintegration; to those who place value upon the works committed to the compilation they will find great comfort in its presentation, passers-by however may yet only yield a curiosity over the collection.

5 / 10









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"Death Anthems" Track-listing:

1. Nuclear Warhead
2. Hope Of Carnage
3. Burning Brain
4. Cemetery
5. Head Explosion
6. Feast Of The Cadavers
7. Wimps Must Die
8. Acidbath
9. Devastation
10. Morbid Decapitation
11. Dead World
12. Contamination
13. Butchery Of The Slasher
14. Poser Slaughter
15. Destruction of Peace And Freedom
16. Brainslaughter
17. Canadian Winter (The Black Ice)
18. Addicted to Shit
19. #1
20. Priest Of Disgust
21. Gamera
22. Elle Mcpherson Deadly Fate
23. The Phoenix Den
24. Ready For Immolation

Morbid Decapitation Lineup:

Martin Goiselle -Bass
Guy Martin -Drums
Bruno Martin -Guitars and Vocals

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