Night Assassins

Morbid Carnage

Hailing from Hungary, this maniacal quartet rose from the ashes of Black Metal prowlers FAGYHAMU […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 12, 2010
Morbid Carnage - Night Assassins album cover

Hailing from Hungary, this maniacal quartet rose from the ashes of Black Metal prowlers FAGYHAMU and declares their passion for traditional Thrash Metal from the heart. A split release entitled "Thrash Legions Hungary" (also featuring fellow Hungarian Thrashers CONCRETE) saw the light of day in 2008 and - working hard for it - MORBID CARNAGE now present their first official full CD called "Night Assassins".

Not willing to exaggerate on the pros and cons of this band/album, the keywords behind "Night Assassins"'s concept are" speed, thrash, Metal. Here you'll find everything you should expect while placing a Thrash Metal album into your CD player. The riffs are razorblade, the rhythm section is pounding hard and fast and enough of the guitar leads are quite demonic. I would not support the evil 'Thrash Metal' option for MORBID CARNAGE. Aggression is a good term to represent the Hungarian band's musical beliefs, let's state...which leads to the conclusion that "Night Assassins" is not as (only) old-school Thrash Metal as the Press Release proclaims.

While some of the KREATOR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT or TANKARD legacy is present, the band of reference could be DESTRUCTION's all-time 80s works. Some of the Swed-Thrash/Death school is also visible - or should we say audible? - bringing enough of this scene's specific elements to mind. The most proper way to describe MORBID CARNAGE's music would probable be to place it in the middle of the 80s European Thrash Metal inheritance and the 90s further (aggressive or technical) progression.

The songlist has an -in-your-face attitude and grabbing a beer is quite a necessity while banging to the power of tracks like e.g. "Slaughtering" and "Deviant". The sound is not as primitive as you may suppose, still it does stand far away from the semi-polished extreme Metal productions widely seen in Germany/Scandinavia the last decade. In general, I think that MORBID CARNAGE has not yet decided - even if, I repeat, this debut CD shows a significant amount of work having been done - how to mix the following ingredients properly: i) average age, ii) past band(s) works, iii) influences, iv) fan attitude.

"Night Assassins" is an album you'll have fan listening to if you adore all three decades (or at least the first two) Thrash Metal music has been around. Else, you can easily carry on without thinking twice if you've past a superb album by. It's honest, it's true but it takes a lot more for "Night Assassins" to make a stand-out CD.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Night Assassins" Track-listing:
  1. Warlust
  2. Slaughtering
  3. Funeral Pyre
  4. Empty Graves
  5. Deviant
  6. Castle In Pain
  7. Night Assassin
Morbid Carnage Lineup:

Blasphemy - Vocals, Drums
Churchburner - Guitars
Disguster - Guitars
Necrofaust - Bass

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