Web Of Deception


This release, by all accounts is a fine album, as a debut it is an […]
By Kevin Burke
March 3, 2019
Moonstruck - Web Of Deception album cover

This release, by all accounts is a fine album, as a debut it is an exceptional piece of work.  The Dutch five-piece MOONSTRUCK have just released what is the first of what will be many be the impression this release makes.  "Web Of Deception" is a progressive rock anthemic release, hinged on the very best of the old guard, they have taken the blueprint and injected their own personal style, lashed with energy and continue to hold the torch burning brightly for the genre into the twenty-first century.

There is a nine-track landscape of rich sounds and melodically transcendent music, which begins with a belter.  The title track "Web Of Deception" is a riff-plosion of early-seventies style mastery.  A strong URIAH HEEP influence is prevalent and not a bad thing in the slightest. "Dark Medicine" continues that crunching guitar sound, these tracks set the standard and theme for what is to come.  The intro is a spectacularly played, an old-school trip through the nostalgic sounds which is a key attraction to this release.

It is when you get to the third of the tracks in, where things really begin to get interesting.  "Metamorphosis" is an eleven-minute beast, roaring as it staggers through the speakers.  Early into the album it is a fearless decision to unleash such a time-heavy track as this but it does not take from any continuity.  An echo of BLACK SABBATH hovers within the mix of heavy experimentation.  For once the image the band present weighs in on the directness and at times strangeness of the music.

The stunning "Beyond Your Wildest Dreams" fires on all cylinders as to does "Wasting Time", classic reinvention from the folds of space where MOONSTRUCK dwell.  Though melodically they are untouchable on moments within "Web Of Deception".  In fact heavily melodic and shining like a supernova of hope in a very bland universe.  "The Observer Of Chaos" is outstanding, with a brain candy chorus which becomes instantly addictive.

The album closes as good and perhaps relatable as it opens with the very immersive "The Assassin's Blade". Regardless of the fact that there is no advancements made, no new ground broken or an idea which both bends the rules and attracts attention, there is simply no need to as this is a great album.  MOONSTRUCK drive forward with a confidence and believe in their music that they will succeed , and this is simply the beginning of that adventure.

8 / 10









"Web Of Deception" Track-listing:

1. Web of Deception
2. Dark Medicine
3. Metamorphosis
4. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
5. Wasting Time
6. The Observer of Chaos
7. Moonstruck
8. Restless Mind
9. The Assassin's Blade

Moonstruck Lineup:

Arnold Kloek - Vocals
Ronald Blok - Guitar
Vincent van den Bosch - Guitar
Jacco Boer - Bass
Michel Blanken - Drums

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