Ophidian Glare

Moon Oracle

From Bandcamp, "Magickal, mystical Finnish black metal from the deep end of the genre brought […]
Moon Oracle - Ophidian Glare album cover

From Bandcamp, "Magickal, mystical Finnish black metal from the deep end of the genre brought to you by Sûrya-Ishtara, U and Harald Mentor. Dark and violent atmospheres and otherworldly tales to suck your soul into their unique world once again. Loud rhythmic dynamics, powerful bass lines, unorthodox compositions yet still carrying the torch or true and raw underground black metal: This is what you wanted. This is what you got. Unique greatness in a field usually harvested by far lesser vehicles." The album has six songs.

"The Numinous Gate Opens" is the first. Out of the gate, the production is muted, and pretty bad. The music sounds more like something that you might hear from inexperience musicians, and the vocals are filthy utterances. The drums keep a steady presence. "A Vision in the Mansion" moves a little quicker, but has a very similar sound. There is a slow down close to the half-way mark. The rhythm of the vocals in mix with the instruments doesn't make a lot of sense...it's almost as if the band doesn't know where to put them. "Nethereal Axe" is a short, intense, and low song where you can hear some of the band's inexperience. I hate to say that, but it is evident in the sound.

"Serpent's World" is another slow, grinding song. I am not sure how the band gets that disgusting tone from the rhythm guitars, but it definitely helps set the stage for the album. There are also some scary vocals effects. "Widdersyns - Against the Current" is a more intense offering, where the drum rolls dominate much of the sound. Again, there is a mismatch between the rhythm of the vocals and the instruments. "Abysmal Crimson Desert" closes the album. It's 11 minutes long. Depressive tones open the song. The pace grinds to a near halt closing in on mid-way, allowing the evil to really soak in. Ambient keys take over from there, followed by a slow riff. It then begins a steady climb, but never reaches a crescendo.

Overall, this wasn't as bad as their last album. I can't say that the band has matured necessarily, but it appears they have put more effort into their songwriting. Still, their limitations are evident and this is about as much as you could expect.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Ophidian Glare" Track-listing:

1. The Numinous Gate Opens
2. A Vision in the Mansion
3. Nethereal Axe
4. Serpent's Word
5. Widdersyns - Against the Current
6. Abysmal Crimson Desert

Moon Oracle Lineup:

U - Drums, Synths
Sûrya-Ishtara - Guitars, Bass
Harald Mentor - Vocals

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