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The Harbinger

Molotov Solution

I was sure that I knew this band from somewhere but I just couldn't remember […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 18, 2009
Molotov Solution - The Harbinger album cover

I was sure that I knew this band from somewhere but I just couldn't remember where. After a lot of thinking (and a little bit of searching of course), I dug up a split release this band released several years ago with WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH. Damn right! That's where I first came across this quintet. If I remember well, I liked these guys back then; I just hope I still like them after listening to their new album.

The US act has been around the extreme scene since January 2004. When talking about MOLOTOV SOLUTION, we have to do with a hard working band that carries five releases (including The Harbinger), as well as a brand new contract with Metal Blade Records. Their name has started being spread around the world and the band is now facing the challenge of a sophomore album, something that is always a hard and challenging step in a band's career.

The Harbinger is kind of driven away from the band's more modern Grind past, and heads towards a Deathcore direction. While their past may had the classic beatdown moments (where there is a high danger level of creating moshpits, hehehe), there was not sign of melody. The new album has some melodic leads here and there, but don't get disappointed before you hear the new version of MOLOTOV SOLUTION. When I say about melody, I don't mean anything about melodic Death Metal and stuff. One band I could compare them to at some parts is THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, since they have the brutality of Deathcore, but also use some creepy melodies that create a colder background for this music.

The band is mostly based on the classic and may I say trendy beatdown stuff that most of the modern Deathcore bands play nowadays. They actually have such moments so many times that they may end up sounding kind of tiring to someone who is not used to this sound. The good thing is that right after this, a killer guitar will pop out like a landmine and will explode causing you to stay focused to MOLOTOV SOLUTION's music. Thank god Nick's vocals are awesome and have a wide variety of sounds, something that bands in this kind of music really need to avoid sounding flat.

The album was recorded with AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis behind the wheel and mastered at West West Side Studios by Alan Douches, so no comments about the sound.

8 / 10


"The Harbinger" Track-listing:

Rule By Secrecy
Only The Dead
Atrum Inritus
Corpus Imperium
Monolithic Appara
The Harbinger
Living Proof
The Dawn Of Ascendency

Molotov Solution Lineup:

Nick Arthur - Vocals
Robbie Pina - Guitar
Sims Collison - Guitar
Kevin Oakley - Bass
Jeremy Johnson - Drums

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