Translating The Pain


After a great entrance in the Metal scene with the Outcast Vs Moker split CD, […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 26, 2007
Moker - Translating The Pain album cover

After a great entrance in the Metal scene with the Outcast Vs Moker split CD, which was released last year through the same label, MOKER are finally back with their first ever full-length release. After listening to that split CD, I was really curious to see whether the Belgian butchers could do equally well in a more complete album.

The Belgian Grind/Death Metal act was formed in 2003 and has not managed to do many things until now, but these guys really show that they already have the talent to kick our sorry asses. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the famous CCR Studio (ABORTED, LENG TCH'E) and the sound is really good as you can imagine yourselves.

The characterization I used above (Death/Grind) is not something that represents what the band stands for (musically). MOKER have managed to mix many different (extreme) elements and create something that can be described the least interesting. The Belgian beast will punch you right in the face with brutal Death Metal outbreaks, melodic breaks where you may even come across clean melodic guitar work, Deathcore beatdown moments and some slight Grind touches that will surely drive monotony away.

The extreme quintet has managed to produce a more than just good debut album and I think that if they keep up like this we will have to face one more great new band. Most of you non-easy listeners should check MOKER out and witness the new flesh tearing you apart. Recommended.

7 / 10


"Translating The Pain" Track-listing:

Manic Existence
Your Dark Self
My World Decays
Tormented Soul
False Reality
Am I Falling Into The Claws Of The Lurking Death-Trap?
Broken Silence
Stuck In A Pattern
Last Note

Moker Lineup:

Ad De Wachter - Vocals
Angelo Mannetstatter - Guitar
Dirk Broeren - Guitar
Fre Wauters - Bass, Backing Vocals
Wouter Sels - Drums

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