What a unique blend of stoner, doom, psychedelic, and desert rock MOAB have masterminded on […]
By David Crossbowmen
December 11, 2018
Moab - Trough album cover

What a unique blend of stoner, doom, psychedelic, and desert rock MOAB have masterminded on "Trough". Out via Falling Dome Records, "Trough" offers a view into fuzzy, sonic landscapes. Guitarist and vocalist Andrew Giacumakis throws down doom and stoner riffs galore. His vocals sounding something between Ozzy and Robert Plant, however not emphasizing either one, just a nice blend. Joe Fuentes rumbles about the entirety of "Trough", making for some tasty ear candy. Erik Herzog propels MOAB into the stratosphere with his superior drumming. Sadly, Herzog passed away during the recording of "Trough". Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) was able to kindly help MOAB and finish the recording. Hailing from Los Angeles, its easy to see where MOAB get their creativity.

"Skeptics Lament" starts off perfectly blissful and doomy. Strap in, because you're going for a ride. "Into the Sea Swine" captures the spirit of desert rock and psychedelic perfectly, and it is mesmerizing. Then it takes a turn to a very Sabbathy type direction. Andrew is in full Ozzy effect and is it ever so nostalgic. "Moss Grows Where No One Goes" is a doomy number that advances at a snail pace. Again, those slow, fuzzy riffs wash over the listener making for a serene atmosphere that is sepia tinged all over. "The Onus" rumbles along and owns a very memorable chorus. One of the stand out tracks easily. Fuentes is a beast on bass and it shows on the entire "Trough" album. Herzog's drumming is loose and jazzy at times and dare I say, proggy at times.

"Medieval Moan" is an ultra bluesy rock and roll song that's fuzzy all over. Another stand out track to be sure. While "Trough" may be a blast from the past, there is still a modern griminess to the music. Which we can hear on "Fifty Thousand Tons". Here we get more amazing drumming, chunky riffs and kickass solo by Giacumakis. "The Will is Weak", just comes bearing down with crushing weight. Arguably the heaviest track on the album. However, the heaviest track comes at the closing of "Trough". "Fend for Dawn" is an upbeat stoner delight that is clearly the heaviest matter in the MOAB universe. The trio comes together in sludgy fashion to close out the album.

With "Trough", MOAB have honed their musical skills and crafted a memorable palate of doom, stoner, psychedelic, and desert rock. As stated before, this album is chock full of slimy goodness. Definitely for fans of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, stoner and doom. MOAB have created a freaking nuclear sludge bomb and its taking all of us with it.

8 / 10









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"Trough" Track-listing:

1. Skeptics Lament
2. Into the Sea Swine
3. All Automatons
4. Moss Grows Where No One Goes
5. The Onus
6. Medieval Moan
7. Fifty Thousand Tons
8. The Will Is Weak
9. Turnin' Slow
10. Fend for Dawn

Moab Lineup:

Joe Fuentes - Bass
Andrew Giacumakis - Vocals, Guitars
Erik Herzog - Drums

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