Century Tales


MISTYFICA blend powerful guitar riffing with string-driven orchestrations which contributes to a heavy and bombastic symphonic Metal sound
November 23, 2023

MISTYFICA are from Charkiv, Ukraine and were formed in 2020. The symphonic Metal duo release their debut album “Century Tales”. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by multi-instrumentalist Max Molodtsov. The album has a length of about 47 minutes, and it was released via Italian label Elevate Records, which have many progressive and Power Metal bands among their current roster.

The album starts with “Scarlet Reigns (Blood Of The Royals pt.1)”, which is the first part of a conceptual trilogy. Musically, the sound of the opening track is classical symphonic Metal, a mixture of heavy guitar riffing and orchestral arrangements, all kept together by the vocals. The guitar riffing is powerful leading to dark melodies. The orchestral arrangements are led by the strings, and they are quite prominent. The female vocals are entirely cleans and are between the medium to higher end of the vocal range with very few high operatic notes. “Winter Elegy” has a dynamic start with sharp guitar riffing and the strings providing the melodies. The track transitions into a quiet verse part, where the vocals drive the track alongside the piano and the guitars. The bridge opens up for a more orchestral dominated chorus part. The melodies are grim and almost a bit melancholic.

When The Beauty Forms The Beast” has a fast start with the guitar riffing and the orchestrations. It is a heavy track with a lot of double-bass drumming in between. Valerie Chudentsova has harsh vocal support by Max Molodtsov, and both vocalists contribute equally to the track. The female vocals are very versatile throughout the track, with adding notes across the entire vocal range. “From The Ancient Legends” continues with the pace and it starts with thunderous riffing and double-bass drumming. While the guitar riffing is very prominent compared to the strings and the piano, a choir is added and gives the track an extra dimension. The melodic framework is spine-chilling and includes a few oriental vibes. The vocal contribution is again very versatile, and Valerie Chudentsova keeps the track excellently together. Besides the vocals, the lead guitar solo provided by Andre Neumann is the highlight of the track. “From The Ancient Legends” is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Dance Of Time” starts with heavy guitar riffing at a measured tempo. While the track is driven by the riffing, the orchestral arrangements are likewise prominent. The piano has the main contribution during the verse parts while the strings take over during the chorus parts. “Dance Of Time” has a simple verse/chorus structure with a short break included, the chorus melodies are catchy, and it is no surprise that the song has been released as video with the YouTube link being provided below. “Crossing The Rubicon (Blood Of The Royals pt.2)” is part two of the trilogy and it is a mid-tempo track with powerful riffing during the verse parts, where tight guitar riffs and the strings drive the song forward. The chorus part is two-parted in tempo, while the break includes a few tempo and rhythm changes. The lead guitar contributions during the chorus part fit very smartly to the track and gives it something extra. “The Promised Land” starts with the strings, before the guitars are added. It is another track with thunderous riffing and dark melodies, which are in parts orientally inspired. While the verse parts are at mid-tempo, the chorus parts and the break are at a measured tempo. The chorus lines are epic, and the short break has a few bombastic elements.

My Sinfinity” is another mid-tempo track, but it includes a few changes in tempo and rhythm in both directions: there are a few slower parts at a measured pace as well as some faster parts. The orchestral arrangements are very prominent during the track, where the strings provide the melodies. Noteworthy is that there is a lot of double-bass drumming across the track. The female vocals include a few deeper notes and are, once again, very versatile. “Lunar Prayer” is again a mid-tempo track during verse and chorus parts. It is a track with simple and catchy melodies. The break adds a bit more complexity in tempo, rhythm, and the melodic framework and is a very good addition to the track. The album finishes with part three of the trilogy. “My Revenge (Blood Of The Royals pt.3)” is a dynamic and heavy track, where the guitar riffing is very prominent. The female vocals have growling vocal support, which fits perfectly to the song. The short break is dark and slow with the strings being the focal point besides the lead guitars. “My Revenge (Blood Of The Royals pt.3)” is a good way to end the album.

MISTYFICA release a good symphonic Metal album. There is a huge variety of symphonic Metal styles depending on the focus of the orchestrations. MISTYFICA blend powerful guitar riffing with string-driven orchestrations and both elements contribute equally to the sound of “Century Tales”. That makes the album sound not overly bombastic and epic on one hand, but also not too heavy on the other. This gives vocalist Valerie Chudentsova the opportunity to shine, and she grabs this opportunity with her versatility, vocal range, and ability to perform various styles. The album is well produced. MISTYFICA is a new star on the crowded symphonic Metal heaven. “Century Tales” is a good start and time will tell how bright this star is able to shine.


8 / 10









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"Century Tales" Track-listing:
  1. Scarlet Reigns (Blood Of The Royals pt.1)
  2. Winter Elegy
  3. When The Beauty Forms The Beast
  4. From The Ancient Legends
  5. Dance Of Time
  6. Crossing The Rubicon (Blood Of The Royals pt.2)
  7. The Promised Land
  8. My Sinfinity
  9. Lunar Prayer
  10. My Revenge (Blood Of The Royals pt.3)
Mistyfica Lineup:

Valerie Chudentsova – Vocals

Max Molodtsov –Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals

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