Mister Misery

Word on the street is that they are the best upcoming new band. Does the […]
By Sergio Andrés
September 17, 2019
Mister Misery - Unalive album cover

Word on the street is that they are the best upcoming new band. Does the hype surpass their talent? Hell no, they have fresh ideas, cool looks, and most importantly, stunning bubblegum heavy songs. They are the proper "hinge" (lack of a better word) for two generations: Mine (late thirties MARILYN MANSON´s former kids) and millennial MOTIONLESS IN WHITE- BIRTHDAY MASSACRE late cravers.

Both guitar players are a great duet, exchanging speedy harmonized lead lines or frantic staccato riffs (Sidenote: They embellish their wicked riffs with a twisted vibrato here and there). The singer, Harley Vendetta, has a powerful distorted timbre, and a suitable range for this style. May add that his persona, the way he delivers the vocal lines and plays the chords simultaneously, stage moves, overall looks, and high distorted vocals, reminds me some Tom Keifer of CINDERELLA, which it is indeed a great compliment.

Before going to songs itself, I have my usual ranting time, NO BASS!!!! The record slays, some songs are ready to conquer the world, everything seems to be in the right spot for nowadays standards, but I found no bass guitar in the mix, and the drumming sounds over quantized and un-human. Not that this band needs a production boost, on the contrary, they exude talent, but the rhythm tracks production sounds that, overproduced.

Stylistically they are influenced by MANSON´s 2003 "Golden Age of Grotesque" (one of their most supreme albums) especially with the circus/picaresque/Buñuel-aura of the lead single "My Ghost." "Stronger" is the hidden gem of the bunch, and it sounds like KING DIAMOND circa 1987. Anthemic riffs and Wagnerian lead guitar line included, just like "Arrival" from "Abigail". "Tell me How" has a DISTURBED flavor, whereas "Legion" verses sound pretty much like Andy Sneap´s EXODUS with a STAIND -sort of chorus. Another tune that shines is "Dead Valentine" with a descending sinister riff and "Tales from the Crypt"-kinda vocal line.

Most of this record is comprised by promising songs, but unfortunately, they insist on putting these emotive (Remember TOKYO HOTEL?) poppy vocal lines in between verses and choruses, that stab the listening flow. "Alive" also has nasty riffs, powerful gang vocals, but the emo-goth syndrome gets into my nerves, no gimmicks, please.

This record with a due hot drum and bass mix, and wiping out the emotive pop vocal lines, could have been the next MARILYN MANSON record, instead of that lame "Eat Me and Drink Me"

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Unalive" Track-listing:

1. The Blood Waltz
2. You and I
3. Tell me How
4. My Ghost
5. Legion
6. Dead Valentine
7. Alive
8. Rebels Calling
9. Stronger
10. Live While You Can

Mister Misery Lineup:

Harley Vendetta - Vocals, Guitars
Alex Nine - Guitars
Eddie Crow - Bass
Rizzy - Drums

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