MIST is a five-piece doom metal outfit from Ljubljana, Slovania. Formed in July of 2012 […]
By Chelsea Jennings
April 20, 2015
Mist - Inan album cover

MIST is a five-piece doom metal outfit from Ljubljana, Slovania. Formed in July of 2012 MIST is now releasing their most recent effort a 4-track EP titled "Inan". They are influenced by bands such as CANDLEMASS, PENTAGRAM, and BLACK SABBATH.

MIST's latest effort is a dark, heavy release that achieves their chief aim: a doom, gloomy release. The musical quality is good, and the vocals are mostly clean. All but one member of MIST is female, which makes MIST a different recipe for a doom metal band in a largely male-dominated genre of music. Bands like MIST give women a lot more weight in dark, heavy, doom-laiden music, and say that women can play metal as well as any man.

The title track "Inan" begins with wails of someone deaf and blind, which is setting the tone for the entire album that is about to follow. The second track titled "Frozen Velvet" begins with a soft, quiet guitar bit before breaking out into song about someone who is having their funeral. It focuses on someone (assumedly a loved one or friend) cradling someone's deceased corpse, and saying their final goodbyes. The pain and reality of what is happening to this person, and the loss they feel is very real throughout this track. The emotion is felt in the vocals of Nina Sprunk as well as in the music played by MIST. This easily stood out as the most unique, intriguing track on the EP.

"Under The Night Sky" begins with a tribal-sounding drumbeat before breaking into song about the entire painful battle that is unfolding under the dark night sky. The scene poisons the peace and tranquility that this society is known for and used to. Finally, the fourth track "Phobia" begins with a low, strumming guitar before breaking into song about a tormented mind that is breaking into pieces. The person wants the other people out there to know what its like to suffer in their minds while they are not able to reach out for help.

The EP is an excellent, dark, doom-laiden release set forth by the five-piece act from Slovenia. A full-length release would be an excellent follow-up to what "Inan" offered fans. With a record deal with Soulseller Records, MIST is ready to go forward into the future, and the sooner fans get a full-length it is seen the better.

8 / 10


"Inan" Track-listing:

1. Inan
2. Frozen Velvet
3. Under The Night Sky
4. Phobia

Mist Lineup:

Nina Sprunk - Lead Vocals
Ema Babosek - Backing Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
Blaz Tansek - Lead Guitars
Neza Pecan - Bass
Mihaela Zitko - Drums

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