There was very little information about this band on the web. So, we will have […]
January 1, 2019
Misotheist - Misotheist album cover

There was very little information about this band on the web. So, we will have to let the music do the talking. Three very long tracks await us here. "Carriers of Captivity" is the first, at over ten minutes. The production is muffled as is often the case in Black Metal, but it's so much to the point that the music is hard to hear clearly. I suppose that is the point here...everything sounds desolate and hopeless, especially those subtle lead guitar passages, that sound like hands emerging from the ground, only to be drawn back in by the forces of darkness. An extended ambient passage adds some clarity here. This is blasphemous.

"Beast and Soil" opens with an almost jovial clean guitar passage, which hides the madness that is to come. The bleakness is all around you and there is no escape. It's like a giant mass of grey dust that swallows everything in sight. There is power and might in the band here, like they have Thor's hammer and are crushing their enemies with single strikes. An ambient passage at the end puts a crescendo to the song that gives me goosebumps. "Blood of Rats" closes the album. It's a very depressing song where hope is stolen away by the steady, droning guitars and vocals. A misotheist is "the hatred of God." I can't think of a better description of the album than this. It's a perfect combination of desolate hopelessness, and raging anger, done with a dramatic flair and hypnotizing rhythms. They left no stone un-turned in this template of stirring despondence that will drain away your soul.

8 / 10









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"Misotheist" Track-listing:

1. Carriers of Captivity
2. Beast and Soil
3. Blood of Rats

Misotheist Lineup:

Unknown Line-Up

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