Black Miracles And Dark Wonders


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MISERATION; signed via Massacre Records, […]
April 14, 2022
Miseration - Black Miracles And Dark Wonders album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MISERATION; signed via Massacre Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Death Metal, on their 4th album entitled: "Black Miracles And Dark Wonders" (released 22/04/2022).

Since formation in 2006; the duo in question have 4 full-length albums in their discography so far entitled: "Your Demons - Their Angels" (released December 21st, 2006), "The Mirroring Shadow" (released November 16th, 2009), "Tragedy Has Spoken" (released June 12th, 2012) & this fourth album of which I am introduced to entitled: "Black Miracles And Dark Wonders". 8 tracks ranging around 41 minutes; MISERATION arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up immediately with this bludgeoning boundary of rumbling reverberation & trembling frenzies in barraged drum beats, blistering gnarliness and distortion distributes a berserking heft on savagely hostile harmonies right off the baton as "The Seal Of The Eight-Pointed Star" distills a clobbering slab of solid meatiness that skyrockets with slaying grinds amongst a trailblazing rift on viciously veracious manifestations of rampantly rompy upheaval. Sulfurous yet thunderous weightiness punches out tight ramifications on sturdy thuds that swerve with stridently malicious remedies that unleashes brutally bashful blasts of scouring snares and primitively raw firepower expertise. Similarly profound within "Reign Of Fate" a melodic symphony stomps out these rambunctious yet piledriving bolts in thumpy rage from consisting virtuoso Jani Stefanovic, using keyboard/FX programming stability while trembling speakers with audible bass diligence, who of which diversely distinguishes a grandeur element in implementing a dexterously hybrid experimental artillery that strikes with venomous pursuits of wildly rushing sharpness that merges with twinning guitar hooks for dynamic execution.

Speaking of varied, both Jani and Christian Älvestam share this unique variety of zestful pipes that roar with both clean density amongst a deeply guttural bellow in raspy throatiness that soar with rigourous vigor profusely. "Desecrate, Dominate, Eradicate" utilize vicious pandemonium & ruthless havoc for all eardrums to rollick to, more of those high-pitched yells shout out with vehement synergy within the malevolently volatile remedies that have a core-like spectrum to it. There's both ethereal and deathly crunchiness built in which towers with this grandeur grittiness, as concrete bounciness boisterously amps out jumpy laceration on killer kicks while quaking viscerality steamrolls with pugnacious meatiness that frolics into a galloping versatility of monstrous blasphemy. "Enuma Elish" bombards speakers with ritualistic momentum on a rough melody that merges profane sacrilege for good measure.

This ominous yet jarring portrayal on organic substance injects an infectiously venomous panache of mythical majesty & oppressive mayhem in a dainty construct of monolithic prowess that showcases filthy grime amongst a otherworldly profanity that unearths this evil empowering impact, forging caveman-esque deadliness with thrilling, upbeat vocals while desegregating bones with relentless persistence & persevering revs. "Fed By Fire/Led By Blood" belts a bestial finesse in blackened darkness fuelled with rampaging onslaughts of combustible blitzkreig for all heads to roll to as a piercing symbolism entrances bodies with progressively technical score-like inventivity while poignant yet serene outbursts shine with prodegiously motoring shreds, that rip with outrageous strength to boot.

"Kingdoms Turned To Sand" builds up to these aforementioned abilities greatly, compiling an eerie but deathly wave of malignant yet somewhat tranquil vibes that materializes radically wicked symphonies with somber extremity in the mix, adding a flexibly fundamental attribute to this subgenre with authentic ability. The penultimate banger "Shah" gravitates with more impressive aesthetics in rapidly swift nimbleness that wonder with revolutionary results, while the overall concluding epic "Connector Of The Nine Worlds" closes the record with mighty and arbitrary evolution.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MISERATION certainly outdone themselves with "Black Miracles And Dark Wonders", detailing a versatile magnitude of orchestral-esque synths with aggressive, demon-like instrumentation in which makes good use of these technicalities with fine intrigue. Worthy of spinning & replaying a good few, do check it out - an enjoyably entertaining discovery that surely deserves listening to.

8 / 10









"Black Miracles And Dark Wonders" Track-listing:

1. The Seal Of The Eight-Pointed Star
2. Reign Of Fate
3. Desecrate, Dominate, Eradicate
4. Enuma Elish
5. Fed By Fire/Led By Blood
6. Kingdoms Turned To Sand
7. Shah
8. Connector Of The Nine Worlds

Miseration Lineup:

Christian Älvestam - Vocals (Lead & Backing)
Jani Stefanovic - Additional Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Bass, Keyboards/FX, Programming

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