There are times that when you look at a record cover you immediately get an […]
By MetalWim
June 7, 2023
Miscreance - Convergence album cover

There are times that when you look at a record cover you immediately get an inkling of what is in store when you start playing through your stereo, soundbar or headphones. You only have to look at the artwork that is used on the MISCREANCE album "Convergence" to understand that there is a lot going on here. Well, rest assured, the same goes for the music. But you will be thinking and wondering, will this be Progressive Rock or am I about to dabble into a more extreme musical path. The answer will come to you within the first few seconds. This certainly is high octane Technical Death Metal with some good and fitting Thrash influences. All together you get just over 31 minutes long of intense sounds and songs that will make you either hate it or love it. I happily am of the latter persuasion.

The thing is, MISCREANCE doesn't fall into the trap of being the band that is about to outdo all others. They never make the mistake of trying to be faster than anyone else. They also don't attempt to be more technical than any of their colleagues. But most of all, "Convergence" is filled with well written and executed songs that make sense from start to finish, that will be drawing you in from the very first second the band starts playing. MISCREANCE have avoided making their music so crowded that it causes confusion in your brains, whilst maintaining the element of surprise. When you all that up what you get to hear is not only bloody heavy, but it also is blessed with a good sound, making it easy for me as a listener to get a good grip on what they are throwing at me, without having to worry about losing interest. All this is due to the quality of the songs on "Convergence", so hats off to MISCREANCE.

The other reason I am liking this so much is because it reminds me of a mix between DEATH and CONTROL DENIED. Yes, both are Chuck Schuldiner bands, and to be honest, that is also what drummer and singer Andrea Feltrin sounds like when he needs to. So, if you are a fan of the bands mentioned, you might want to venture out and have a good listen to MISCREANCE's latest album "Convergence". I have a feeling that it will surprise you in a very positive way.

8 / 10









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"Convergence" Track-listing:

1. Flame of Consciousness (04:10)
2. Fall Apart (04:49)
3. Incubo (04:44)
4. No Empathy (04:47)
5. The Garden (04:03)
6. Alchemy (03:59)
7. My Internment (03:38)
8. Requiem for Sanity (01:27)

Miscreance Lineup:

Recording Line-up:
Andrea Feltrin: Drums/Vocals
Andrea Granauro: Guitars
Tommaso Cappelletti: Guitars
Emiliano Zinà: Bass

Guest musicians:
Marco Scattolin: Keyboards/Synth (1, 2, 3, 7, 8)
Todd Wilson: Spoken Words (7)

Andrea Granauro: Guitars
Jean-Claude Rossignol: Bass
Andrea Feltrin: Drums/Vocals
Tommaso Cappelletti: Guitars

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