Convoy Of Sickness


MISANTHROPIA is a Symphonic Melodic Black Metal band from The Netherlands, and they know what […]
By Caio Botrel
January 7, 2021
Misanthropia - Convoy Of Sickness album cover

MISANTHROPIA is a Symphonic Melodic Black Metal band from The Netherlands, and they know what they are doing. They have recently released their newest album "Convoy Of Sickness" through Massacre Records and that is what we are going to talk about.

The opening track from the album is the title "Convoy Of Sickness" but it is an instrumental song, that creates a different ambiance and prepare you for what is about to come. "Silent War" starts out with a fast speech and then heavy and fast guitar riffs comes in, as the bass and drums destroy everything. I liked the keyboard arrangements for that song, they made it way darker and tense at some points. The chorus is really catchy.

"Pathological Desire To Kill" starts with a clean guitar tone, background sounds and a little choir. The guitar melody is really nice and the fast drumming will definitely put you in a different state of mind. "Nicodemus Narcissus" starts dark and tense, it is even scary at some points. The vocals here reminded me a lot of DEAD from MAYHEM and that was a surprise to me. I liked the vocal work on that song, it feels different from the others.

"Sorrow Made Fresh" have some interesting riffs that reminded me a bit of Death Metal, which gave the song a different ambiance. I must say that the guitar work is great. Nice song. "Aan De Herwinjse Zijde" is an instrumental song that will put you some sort of medieval mood and it reminded me a little bit of DIMMU BORGIR. "The Unburied" starts with a fast female choir and then some nice guitars comes in. This song is a little bit slower, but it will definitely make you bang you head and feel the vibe. "The Eagle And The Hare" and "Roze Balletten" are incredible songs, that will definitely blow your mind. Both are extremely technical and there are some different dynamic, the second having also some sort of Technical Death Metal guitars.

"Through The Eye Of The Needle" is the song that closes the album and it starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and a low voice speech. The bass lines are creative and the song evolves progressively as the keyboards and orchestra starts and the guitar, bass and drums hits you in the face. I'm speechless.

MISANTHROPIA is an incredible band, with beyond amazing guitarists and creativity. You can't get bothered listening to this album. I loved the melodies, the vocals, the ambiances, bass and drums and the keyboards as well. Give them the prize, it is one of the best records of the genre this year.

10 / 10









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"Convoy Of Sickness" Track-listing:

1. Convoy Of Sickness
2. Silent War
3. Pathological Desire To Kill
4. Nicodemus Narcissus
5. Sorrow Made Flesh
6. Aan De Herwinje Zijde
7. The Unburied
8. The Eagle And The Hare
9. Roze Balletten
10. Through The Eye Of The Needle

Misanthropia Lineup:

Bram Koller - Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Schoenmaker - Lead Guitars
Pepijn Heilbron - Bass
Thijs Mulders - Keyboard (studio musician)
Hugo De Waal - Drums

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