Eternal Twilight


MINUETUM is a Greek based band that was formed sometime in 2007 by Dimitris Melidis […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
July 18, 2009
Minuetum - Eternal Twilight album cover

MINUETUM is a Greek based band that was formed sometime in 2007 by Dimitris Melidis and Dimitris Zaharopoulos. If you go through the band's biography you will get the picture that MINUETUM had a rough ride until this release became reality. The more than average (for a freshly formed band) lineup changes and the unfortunate ending of their maiden record deal with MetalFighters Records pushed back the release of Eternal Twilight that sees the light of the day almost one year after its making. For the completion of this album MINUETUM contacted Bob Katsionis (guitar/keyboards in FIREWIND) who agreed to handle the guitars and the sound production. So, after all this turbulence MINUETUEM are ready to make their prime (at last) full length discographic step.
It is no surprise that MINUETUM belong to the Power Metal scene since Greece has a strong relation to this genre led by bands like HELLOWEEN, STRATOVARIUS or SONATA ARCTICA. This means uplifting melodies, sing-along choruses and highly skilled guitar leads.
Zaharopoulos vocals are nothing really special (timbre-wise) and stay in the mid to high pitch scale. Unfortunately, they suffer (well not too much) from the 'Greek vocal' disease affecting the English pronunciation that is the characteristic for almost all the Greek singers. On the other hand, this can be considered 'cool' since it has been the trademark audio signature for almost all the Greek voices. Nevertheless, the music in Eternal Twilight can satisfy all the fans of the specific genre; galloping rhythms, distinct melodies, Malmsteen-like arpeggios and fast shreds. The ten songs stay on the Power Metal track and thus, hide no surprise for anyone who is seeking something groundbreaking or new. Katsionis has done his part in the production bringing the keyboards in the front and therefore enhancing the album's melody. The albums also contains faster tracks like The Dark Elf  (note: is this track about the famous Drizzt from R. A. Salvatore's Menzoberranzan?) or Time To Fly that set a foot on the Epic side of Power Metal revealing some early HAMMERFALL influences with hard hitting STRATOVARIUS keyboards. Even though it is not mentioned in the lineup, there are some nice female backing vocals that blend very well to Zaharopoulos' voice and add more depth to the overall sound.
The -obvious- highlight of the album is the homonymous track that clocks ten minutes and reveals all the band's composing potentials that I am sure will be fully deploy in the next album. In the meantime, we can enjoy some traditional Power Metal and -why not- remember a scene that has been weakened the last five years or so but has a solid and devoted fan base. So, if this sound is your cup of tea then -at least- pay a visit at the band's MySpace page, listen for yourself and get this album.

7 / 10


"Eternal Twilight" Track-listing:

Eternal Twilight
Follow Us
Ghost King
Hero Divine
Into The Night
Key To Glory
Sky Minuet
The Dark Half
The Tribe Is Calling
Time To Fly

Minuetum Lineup:

Dimitris Zaharopoulos - Vocals
Dimitris Melidis - Keyboards
Ignacio Lopez - Bass
Jason Mercury - Guitars
John Manopoulos - Guitars

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