The Last Sucker


I am saddened to announce that this is the last MINISTRY album ever; at least […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 11, 2007
Ministry - The Last Sucker album cover

I am saddened to announce that this is the last MINISTRY album ever; at least that's what Mr. Jourgensen said. The Industrial metallers had to produce a more than good album to leave a milestone behind them. People will remember them no matter what, because either some people want it or not, they have influenced many bands and are ranked among the top Industrial Metal bands on planet Earth. We will miss you crazy motherfuckers...

Even though MINISTRY were formerly a New Wave electronic band, they later turned into a more Industrial outfit and they ended up sounding like they do now. Do not get fooled by their totally modern sound. This band exists since 1981! I didn't use to like this band, but as it seems people change as time goes by and I fell in love with their sick and twisted weird mix of groove, brutality and electronic stuff! Their previous album Rio Grande Blood (2006) kicked the living shit out of every metalhead and belongs to 2006's top releases for sure. It seems MINISTRY tried to overcome themselves and create an equally good (if not better) album that will wave goodbye to the Metal world.

The Last Sucker is not this and that, it is everything! Despite the very clever title they chose for this album, they tipped us with ten incredible compositions and a cover of THE DOORS classic Roadhouse Blues, which sounds as if CELTIC FROST play it! Every classic MINISTRY element is here to remind us of what we will miss. The chainsaw guitars are here spitting fast & furious riffs, as well as groovy tunes that shake your blood! The insane Industrial drumming along with the heavy bass lines form a solid rhythm section that many bands will be jealous of and Jourgensen's vocals remain MINISTRY's trademark!

Only the names in the line up should make you shit your pants! Mike Scaccia of RIGOR MORTIS, Paul Raven of MURDER INC. and KILLING JOKE (also on PRONG), Joey Jordison (does the name SLIPKNOT rings a bell?) and John Bechdel from FEAR FACTORY and KILLING JOKE. This album is created by an all star team that is under the guidance of the genius by the name Al Jourgensen. Add Bell's (FEAR FACTORY's singer) guest appearance and you can understand that The Last Sucker is a masterpiece that you can't miss.

Sometimes words aren't enough to express the way you feel about a band's music and about the things this band has offered to the Metal scene. Some old school metallers may disagree with what I say, but no matter which genre you support, you always have to admit that some bands are great and live forever. This review is the least I can do to pay my respects to a band that presented the pure insanity of thrashy and groovy Industrial Metal (yes, METAL). We will miss you MINISTRY. Hailz!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"The Last Sucker" Track-listing:

Let's Go
Watch Yourself
Life Is Good
The Dick Song
The Last Sucker
No Glory
Death & Destruction
Roadhouse Blues
Die In A Crash
End Of Days (Pt. 1)
End Of Days (Pt. 2)

Ministry Lineup:

Al Jourgensen - Vocals
Mike Scaccia - Guitar
Tommy Victor - Guitar
Sin Quirin - Guitar
Paul Raven - Bass
Joey Jordison - Drums
John Bechdel - Keyboards

Guest Musician:
Burton C. Bell - Vocals on End Of Days (Pt. 1) & End Of Days (Pt. 2)

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