Geesh, another live album and this time one from Ministry, a band which I admittedly […]
By David Kaluza
April 2, 2002
Ministry - Sphinctour album cover

Geesh, another live album and this time one from Ministry, a band which I admittedly am not too fond of myself, although this has more to do with my personal musical preferences than with Al Jourgensen & co. themselves. (I'm not too big on industrial bands)
It remains without question however that they were one of Metal's most creative and experimental bands around in the early 90's.
This is Ministry's second live release, following up on 90's live album In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up and consisting mainly out of Psalm 69 & Filth Pig songs, however, instead of opting to release one complete gig, the songs on here are each recorded on various locations.
The band itself is in top shape throughout all of the recordings and the sound is top notch as well, with excellent versions of for example, my two personal favorite Ministry songs N.W.O & Scarecrow (both from Psalm 69). There really isn't a lot to complain about, except maybe for the fact that it's a little late to release a live album which was recorded about six years ago. Then again, it does serve as a nice warming up for their next studio album, and we haven't really been flooded with Ministry material anyway lately.
All in all quite a decent & pleasant live album and probably a must have for die-hard fans. Even people that have never heard of the band could do worse than to check out this release, since it does feature the best songs from what probably is Ministry's most popular and creative period so far.

8 / 10


"Sphinctour" Track-listing:

Psalm 69
Filth Pig
Just One Fix

Ministry Lineup:

Al Jourgensen - 666
Paul Barker - Bass
Reynolds Washam - Drums
Louis Svitek - Guitar
Duane Buford - Keyboards
Zlatko Hukic - Guitar

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