Renaissance (Reissue)

Ministers Of Anger

MINISTERS OF ANGER are a melodic Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles, USA formed in […]
By Iron Mathew
November 21, 2013
Ministers Of Anger - Renaissance (Reissue) album cover

MINISTERS OF ANGER are a melodic Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles, USA formed in 1988. Only ever releasing two demos, this new release limited edition compilation CD includes all the songs from those demos...

The thrash explosion of the mid-eighties spawned many new bands following the standard set by ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, METALLICA and SLAYER, the so called Big Four. MINISTERS OF ANGER were one of those bands, displaying a sound not too dissimilar to EXODUS and NUCLEAR ASSAULT. "Homeland", the first song on this compilation, has all the hallmarks of thrash metal as it races through to its conclusion. "The Great Escape" is less thrash and more metal with "Fields Of The Dead" a more up tempo romp.

"Money Man" slows the pace a little, paying attention more to the vocals than the full ahead thrash stomp. "Virgin To The World" and "Peasants" are typical Thrash songs with "Savior On The Stage" and "Majority Prevails" trying to break the mould of Thrash and be more progressive in terms of arrangement and sound.

"Guns Of War" is full of pace and screaming guitars, and is almost anthemic sounding with its very catchy chorus. "Sticks & Stones" has a very eighties NWOBHM feel to it as does "The Governor" with "We Are The People" mixing Thrash with Rock to great effect. "Wake To the Flames" is solid hard rock and final song "Man vs Man" is a mix of slow, acoustic almost ballad-like style moments, but retains the heavy chug of Thrash Metal.

Overall, an album full of 80's Thrash and Heavy Metal with many songs breaking that mould, pointing the way to how Thrash would develop during the 90's.

8 / 10


"Renaissance (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Homeland
2. The Great Escape
3. Fields Of The Dead
4. Virgin To The World
5. Peasants
6. Savior On The Stage
7. Majority Prevails
8. Guns Of War
9. Sticks & Stones
10. The Governor
11. We The People
12. Wake To The Flames
13. Man vs Man

Ministers Of Anger Lineup:

David Clemmons - Vocals / Guitars / Bass
Dave McClain - Drums

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