Time To Change It

Mind Odyssey

This German band began its odyssey back in 1993 from members of MERLIN and GRACIUS […]
By Maria Kallinikou
February 12, 2009
Mind Odyssey - Time To Change It album cover

This German band began its odyssey back in 1993 from members of MERLIN and GRACIUS VIOLENCE. Through those years they have experimented in their sound and after ten years they strike back with their fifth album Time To Change It from Napalm Records. This time, it's three band members who took over the production, including Victor Smolki (RAGE).

As it took MIND ODYSSEY almost ten years to release an album, it makes sense that there are some variations in the sound that is a happy surprise though. German power metal combines with progressive sound, electronic elements and variations in the vocals of Mario Le Mole.

Riding And Ruling, which opens the album is characterized by deep enormous heavy sound, with imposing keyboard parts, surrounded by an industrial aura. The industrial experiment passes to Enemy Daggers, and the guitar parts introduce many sleaze/industrial highlights, though the chorus somehow maintains the 'heavy' and it is an excellent mixture. I want It All, comprises of heavy and dirty sound in the guitars and the chorus has a HELLOWEEN air, though the vocals here in some parts are slightly discordant. Of course progressive melodies are found in the solo. Face In The Rain moves away from the German sound with sleaze guitar parts here and there, and a SAVATAGE touch that despite the keyboards, is obvious in the chorus as well.
Final Fight has fast/speed guitars over the industrial parts, experimenting with vocals, and there are lots of elements from Dickinson's solo career. These elements on vocals pass also in the Higher Ground track where, PRIEST-like guitars combine with a great pinch of SAVATAGE, keyboards go crazy/progressive in the solo, but good balance is kept. Storm Warning blends the JUDAS PRIEST with the German power sound. Time To Change It with it's ambient intro gives space to sharp guitars. The electronic element remains and the heavy aspect is not only lost but dominant through all this sound experimenting. Raven And Swan, enters with vigorous guitars, pounding bass, a real heavy track, an ACCEPT/JUDAS PRIEST fusion. The last track Under The Moonlight is a ballad with epic keyboards, which wraps up in a successful way this album.

No matter how heavy the sound is through production's depth, blistering drum work and massive guitars, the whole album is covered with a progressive aroma. No doubt, MIND ODYSSEY is still experimenting, but it seems that this is the karma of their name. The search is not over yet, however Time To Change It is a worthy album that indicates that they are in the right path.

7 / 10


"Time To Change It" Track-listing:

Riding And Ruling
Enemy Daggers
I Want It All
Face In The Rain
Final Fight
Higher Ground
Storm Warning
Time To Change It
Raven And Swan
Under The Moonlight

Mind Odyssey Lineup:

Mario Le Mole - Vocals
Victor Smolski - Lead Guitar
Dan Uhden - Rhythm Guitar
Jan-Michael Keller - Bass
The Animal - Drums

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