Mind Driller

MIND DRILLER has brought the latest roiling maelstrom to their discography with the release of […]
By Kyle Scott
April 3, 2019
Mind Driller - Involution album cover

MIND DRILLER has brought the latest roiling maelstrom to their discography with the release of Involution. Going more down the path of GARY NUMAN and RAMMSTEIN with their aggression this album, MIND DRILLER is all about the power of cinematic instrumentals and booming basslines that steer the songs at rapid speeds to uncharted waters. It's aggressive. Picture EVANESCENCE getting wicked drunk and starting bar fights at Applebee's. MIND DRILLER is that kind of aggressive. But it's that kind of furious nature that compliments Estafania Aledo's hauntingly sweet vocals all too well. MIND DRILLER avoids what most Industrial musicians fall victim to. They don't put an emphasis on dance-y, oontz oontzes that already saturate the Electronic scene. MIND DRILLER seem well aware that they are making a Metal song, not a Rave track.

We are already off to a rocketing start on the opener, "Ritual", with riffs leaving burn marks on the pavement while background choruses wail in the background like lost souls of the road. MIND DRILLER has highly toxic levels of riffs that are always welcome in a genre that's dominated by overused synth mods and drum machines. The organic chords get along well with the synths instead of allowing themselves to be distorted to sound like note grinders. MIND DRILLER fight tooth and nail against the backdrop of computer-generated noises like "Rotten" and "The Glass House" (a pit anthem of epic proportions if there is one).

MIND DRILLER evokes a strong sense of running to escape corrupt authority; weaving through fluorescent-lit labyrinthine cell blocks, rusted and abandoned, in a mad dash to a freedom you're not even a hundred percent sure is possible. MIND DRILLER's Involution achieves their own balance of heavy metal meets industrial that allows for both genres to coexist in mutual, explosive harmony; a beautiful path of destruction.

10 / 10









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"Involution" Track-listing:

1. Ritual
2. The Game
3. Rotten
4. Kianda
5. M4n1k1
6. Zero
7. Involution
8. Calling at the Stars
9. The Glass House
10. The Last Drop
11. Wo Ist Dein Gott?
12. Ein Ende

Mind Driller Lineup:

Estafania Aledo - Vocals
V - Vocals
Dani NQ - Vocals
Javix - Guitar & Producer
Pharoah - Bass
Ramon - Drums

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