Temple of God

Mind Conflict

What we have here is a two-men band (Stefan Andreev on drums and Ivan Izmer […]
April 15, 2024

What we have here is a two-men band (Stefan Andreev on drums and Ivan Izmer on guitars/vocals) who attack the world with their debut full-length album "Temple of God". Previously MIND CONFLICT have released a demo in 2018 and a split record in 2021 with the bands DETENTION and RESURGAM. One of the guys in MIND CONFLICT is from Belarus and the other is from the Middle East somewhere (that's the information on their Metal Archives page) so we have an international project here. Let's see whata these two guys have to offer...

The opening track "Shadows of a Dying World" starts with a strong BOLT THROWER vibe, the guitar riffs are brutal and heavy, drumming varies from mid-tempo to fast galloping rhythm and Ivan Izmer's vocals are deep and furious growls. We are off to a good start here! "Javelin" follows and it demonstrates much slower pace but still with a lot of crushing energy. This track ends with one very heavy breakdown part which shows some influences from the heavier part of the Metalcore scene. The mentioned part flows naturally without any pause into the third song "Mob Mentality" which is slow again and sounds like a big and deadly tank that is smashing you into bits and pieces. Remarkable brakdown part again here but this time it transforms into a hysterically fast passage to end the track. "Storm Laden Skies" is an instrumental that starts with birds'singing and some people talking as a background to the heavy guitars. "Unforced Sacrifice" is next and it is a fast track that will make your neck move. At least that's how it starts because after a while it goes again into the slower territory but this time you can hear some interesting bass lines in the mix. "Dance of Swords" follows and it is the longest song in "Temple of God" and also the slowest one, it reminds me of the way ASPHYX played in the beginning of their career but with much deeper and growling vocals than those of Martin Van Drunen. After this slow and agonizing piece, comes "Digital Nightmare" which offers a faster pace in the vein of the oldschool Swedish Death metal sound combined with some Hardcore elements. "Skeleton Hands" is also aggressive and smashingly heavy as a sound and the final track "Age of Retribution" offers fast and slow passages that can keep the listener interested until the end of this record.

MIND CONFLICT's debut album is a must-listen if you are into oldschool Death metal in the vein of BOLT THROWER or ASPHYX. The sound production is on a very good level and the sci-fi cover artwork is impressive. Don't waste your time and give yourself up on the altar of the "Temple of God"!

8 / 10









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"Temple of God " Track-listing:

1. Shadows of a Dying World
2. Javelin
3. Mob Mentality
4. Storm Laden Skies
5. Unforced Sacrifice
6. Dance of Swords
7. Digital Nightmare
8. Skeleton Hands
9. Age of Retribution

Mind Conflict Lineup:

Stefan Andreev - drums
Ivan Izmer - guitars/vocals

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