Remembering White Lion

Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp is well known as the singer and song-writer of White Lion. Tramp decided […]
By Dimitra Zertopouli
April 29, 2002
Mike Tramp - Remembering White Lion album cover

Mike Tramp is well known as the singer and song-writer of White Lion. Tramp decided to make this album after a meeting with Vito Bratta for a possible reunion of White Lion that didn't work out. Remembering White Lion is a collection of White Lion songs that Mike Tramp decided to re-record in lower key and in a different way.
The album features songs that cannot be considered hits (apart from Broken Home, Little Fighter and When the Children Cry) played indeed differently. I'm sorry to say it, but although Tramp's voice is great as always and the other musicians are remarkable, the new versions don't have the energy of the originals, they seem like they were mixed with blues and alternative touches while stripped from the 80s Hard Rock element.
Remembering White Lion is an interesting work but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. This isn't just a remembering this is a depressing memorial service over the dead White Lion. Well, I haven't forgotten how White Lion were, so I don't have to remember them like that!

5 / 10


"Remembering White Lion" Track-listing:

All The Fallen Men
El Salvador
Little Fighter
When The Children Cry
Fight To Survive
Living On The Edge
She's Got Everything
Lonely Nights
Broken Home
Till Death Do Us Part

Mike Tramp Lineup:

Mike Tramp - vocals
Kasper Damgaard - guitars
Nils Kroyer - bass
Bjarnet T. Holm - drums
Dan Hemmer - hammond
Kaare Thogersen - harmonies
Stig Pedersen - harmonies
Martin Peters - harmonies

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