Mand Af En Tid

Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp of course the frontman of White Lion, one of the best Hair Metal […]
May 16, 2024

Mike Tramp of course the frontman of White Lion, one of the best Hair Metal bands of the Eighties and also Freak Of Nature, with numerous solo albums also to his name. This is his second album sung in his native language Danish. Tramps first ever album sung in Danish was released in 2022 “For Forste Gang “ on which he sung about The Beatles, Sauerkraut (a German Food) and Karate ”Mand Af En Tid” continues in the same vain Andy Warhol and Duck are mentioned! This is also a chance for Tramp to tell some of the stories and share experiences that have happened throughout his life, people he has met and things he has learnt on his journey.

Mand Af En Tid” is obviously an album for Mike Tramps Danish fans plus the die hard ones too. The album is definitely different to his other material with White Lion and Freak Of Nature. The album has that classic rock feel mixed with a bit of blues and folk elements which feature in the album too .I must confess I don't understand Danish, but I picked up on the feeling, emotion and sincerity in Tramps voice that  these songs mean a lot to him and tell stories of his life. The melodies of the songs sound excellent, there is some great guitars, keys bass and drums that are mixed very well, some great production too. Tramps vocals blend very well, vocally he sounds superb supported by some great harmonies and backing vocals. I did look on You Tube for some videos the title track “Mand Af En Tid” which in English means “Man Of A Time” has a great cartoon video featuring  some of Tramps musical heroes and idols ,also with Tramp himself as a film star in several classic movies definitely worth checking out.”Attid Farvel” which means “Always Goodbye” is about a Fifteen year old Mike Tramp Leaving for LA to seek stardom while “Ham Vi Vil Vere” which translates to “The One We Want To Be” is a song about events Tramp can remember from his childhood he watched on TV, also the shows he loved to watch. The people who wanted to be like Muhammed Ali for example.

Mike Tramp's “Mand Af En Tid” although I don't understand Danish I really liked the album based on the how it made me feel and how it sounded production wise. It is definitely worth listening to and if you look on You Tube there is some videos with English Translations of the songs which give you an idea of what the songs are about of how great Mike Tramp is as a songwriter and story teller.

8 / 10









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"Mand Af En Tid" Track-listing:

1. Mand Af En Tid (Man Of A Time)

2. Hvis Du Vil (If You Want)

3. Indeni (Inside)

4. Kom Som Jeg Var (Come As I Was)

5. Altid Farvel (Always Goodbye)

6. Storm Og Stille (Storm And Silence)

7. Nat Pa Libelle (Night On Libelle)

8.Livet Er (Life Is)

9.Sammen Alene (Together Alone)

10.Ham Vi Vil Vaere (The One We Want To Be)

Mike Tramp Lineup:

Mike Tramp – Vocals & Guitar

Claus Langeskov – Bass

Soren Anderson – Guitar

Ken Andy – Drums

Soren Skov – B3 and Keyboards

Emily Garriock Langeskov – Harmonies

Jorgen Thorup – Harmonies

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