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Mike Dimareli Artical

The cover artwork reminded me of legendary BLACK SABBATH/GARY MOORE/RAINBOW/DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Don Airey's K2 […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 22, 2007
Mike Dimareli Artical - Horizon album cover

The cover artwork reminded me of legendary BLACK SABBATH/GARY MOORE/RAINBOW/DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Don Airey's K2 solo album in 1988. Bottom line (really early, huh?): the music was quite different in Horizon but - in a way - the purpose is the same. To expose the wandering spirit of man listening to some melodic 'neoclassical' Metal music; or - at least - this is my own conclusion. The Metal world needs albums like this one.
Limited is the info I could gather for this charismatic guitarist - an official site seems essential in year 2007 - but music is the 'main dish' and the main idea of Mike seems rather vivid. Having already released a non-vocal album in 2004 via the Greek 'cult' Secret Port label, three years later he strikes back in full mode by using a pair of respected Greek musicians. Bob Katsionis (NIGHTFALL, IMAGINERY, SCEPTIC FLESH, FIREWIND) and Bill Aksiotis (PHANTOM LORD, NIGEL FOXXE'S INC) couldn't fit better. Bob is rather experienced now in providing tons of heavy yet 'full moon' keys parts, while Aksiotis' high-pitched throat is an ace for this sub-genre.
As for Mike himself? His Malmsteen-meets-Youngblood style plus his wide exposing in harmonic themes does nothing less but providing the listener with a full concept of northern musical sculpture in the form of various tempos' songs. I 'saw' CONCEPTION, ELEGY, KAMELOT, (early) SILVER MOUNTAIN in notable tunes like The Rising Sun, Rising Shadows, Find My Soul and Vengeance. Even if the drums are mainly in double-bass mode, the atmosphere is here. The guitars/keys crossfire helps a lot for this, too.
I'd like the production to be a little more fat, I think. But, in any way, fans of 'freezing' European Power Metal with lots of neoclassical influences will probably adore this album. Horizon is an upright album. Not groundbreaking but definitely worth the notice. Hope we'll see Mike Dimareli keeping up the good work in the near future.

7 / 10


"Horizon" Track-listing:

Find My Soul
The Rising Sun
Rising Shadows
Winter Night

Mike Dimareli Artical Lineup:

Mike Dimareli - Guitars
Thomas Tserkezo - Bass
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards
Bill Aksiotis - Vocals
Tuomo Dimareli - Drums

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