Incineration Astern


MIELLNIR. Sound it out loud and it harkens unto a familiar word-or object. For a […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
May 17, 2015
Miellnir - Incineration Astern album cover

MIELLNIR. Sound it out loud and it harkens unto a familiar word-or object. For a vast number of people, Metalhead or not, it is the name for Thor's legendary hammer (Mjölnir, Editor's Note). For four people from Mykolaiv, Ukraine, it is the name of their band, a unit that has been around since 2005 and has finally concocted ten choice songs to records and release on their debut album, "Incineration Astern". It is essentially a six-track, Pagan/Viking Metal production with three or four bonus tracks. Much like the Viking theme, it boasts a mighty sound and furious beat.

The lyrical theme is what someone, familiar with the genre of Metal that this album falls under, would expect. In "Legends of the Fallen" there is mention of Fenris's howl. "Journey Through the Nine Worlds" is a reference to Yggdrasil and the planetary systems her branches support. "Valhalla Awaits" is a calling for fighters to lend their blades and should they fall, they will feast in the Great Hall with the other valiant warriors who have fallen before them.

I did very much enjoy the variety in the music and the way that a few traditional folk instruments were included, as well as a few occasional moments of Rock organ. There were hints of Blackened Folk (e.g. "The Gallows Tree") as well as Death Metal which kept the sonic approach fresh and though it is pretty common for some music to get stale, there is no hint of that here! Plus, you can almost hear the Ukrainian inflection in the melodies (e.g. "Embraced by Ire"). The whole experience gives off a very international impression!

The smooth an accomplished solos are definitely noteworthy, along with the delightful originality of the riffs. One of my favorites on this album was the driving, constant motion of "Jorg". The vocals across "Incineration Astern" were fairly consistent and there wasn't much in the way of cleans. It never seemed strained or repetitive. Twice in "Stand Against" I heard the atypical "bree" sound that is more common in what is called Slam Death Metal, so it came as bit of a shock but did not seem out of place.

Judging by what I have heard in the fury and rage across this album, I find it difficult to place a specific band or two that sound anything like MIELLNIR. I applaud the creativity and songwriting expertise that had such a natural flow. Despite taking ten years to produce their debut album, it was well worth the wait and I desperately hope that it won't be another decade for their next offering. So lift up your drinking horns and give a mighty hail Odin, for MIELLNIR are strong and worthy of high praise!

8 / 10


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"Incineration Astern" Track-listing:

1. Incinteration Overture (Intro)
2. Prey
3. Legends of the Fallen
4. Stand Against
5. Journey Through the Nine Worlds
6. Ugar-buhlo
7. Embraced by Ire (Bonus track)
8. Jorg (bonus track)
9. The Gallows Tree (bonus track)
10. Valhalla Awaits (bonus track)

Miellnir Lineup:

Daimonos - Drums
Yarek Ovich - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Njörðr - Guitars
Frozensoul - Vocals, Bass

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