Hour Of The Wolf

Midnite Hellion

Trenton, New Jersey based Metal band MIDNITE HELLION is a fast rising band and another […]
By David "Capt. Fury" Garlow
January 13, 2014
Midnite Hellion - Hour Of The Wolf album cover

Trenton, New Jersey based Metal band MIDNITE HELLION is a fast rising band and another in the growing list of old school Metal bands that are harking back to heavy metals roots and shunning the one-finger power chord and scream like a banshee style that has seen metal shrink from the fans consciousness.

I was surprised at the 2-song EP and dug further into the band as I felt there had to be more to know and I'm glad that I did. For those that know them, what I saw was a band that has matured exponentially in their short existence. They seem to have flipped through some singers as bands often change line-ups as they grow and, with addition of the vocal talents of Ms. PJ Berlinghof, seem to have found that 'it' factor.

The music itself brought to mind JUDAS PRIEST in their heyday, with hints of IRON MAIDEN and SAXON; sweet aggressive dual riff work and solid backline joined in by the powerhouse mike works of PJ who reminded me of another up and comer; Nina Osegueda of A SOUND OF THUNDER.

The CD kicks off with "Hour Of The Wolf" that has a really early JUDAS PRIEST feel to it, melodic yet you know the band is going to kick you in the teeth. The group seems to focus on the song as a whole rather than have moments thus creating one hell of a full metal song, great bridge work, tempo changes, and some wicked work by their new vocalist and her strong range. If you crave that old JUDAS PRIEST feel then this one is in your sweet zone.

"The Morrigan" is the second song and kicks right in where "Hour Of The Wolf" left off, perhaps with a more old IRON MAIDEN feel though. I am unsure what the group recorded on, but it does have that old analog warmth to it that I think does wonders for metal as a whole. Again, they display sharp work all around on this song.

The only thing lacking from this band now is more. Two songs just aren't enough to really see what they can do, but being rather new I look forward to listening to their growth in the future.


8 / 10


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"Hour Of The Wolf" Track-listing:

1. Hour Of The Wolf
2. The Morrigan

Midnite Hellion Lineup:

PJ Berlinhof - Vocals
Dan Sclavi - Guitar
Nick DiGiovacchino - Guitar
Bill Dripps - Bass
Drew Rizzo - Drums

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