Bewitched by Destiny's Gate

Midnight Betrothed

From their Bandcamp page, "one of Australia's underground gems, MIDNIGHT BETROTHED create magical and incredibly […]
January 26, 2021
Midnight Betrothed - Bewitched by Destiny's Gate album cover

From their Bandcamp page, "one of Australia's underground gems, MIDNIGHT BETROTHED create magical and incredibly captivating art. Whether you call this Sombre Romantic Black Metal or Neoclassical Necro Synth, the music on this demo compilation is as unique and utterly fascinating as it gets. When we came across these demos it was instantly clear that we had to make them available to a wider audience via our Underground Series. The album contains seven tracks.

"Necromantic Passions" leads off the album. It begins with pretty piano notes and a melancholy feeling. A scream is unleashed but the pretty piano notes continue, building a charming melody. "To Follow your Spirit into the Night" begins with a faster pace, and some keys mixing in with the hateful vocal shrieks. Some piano notes join in, and the jovial melody is juxtaposed against the vocals so well. "The Enchantments of my Grief" begins with a more somber tone in the keys. I can see where the Dungeon Synth title comes into play here, as synths are the primary instrument used. The Seer builds strong layers here as well, that take a darker and more dreary edge following the half-way mark. "Between Here and the Hereafter, Lies the Land of Hope" begins with some really pretty piano notes to go along with the raging vocals. If you were to remove the vocals, this is some really alluring music. But the vocals remind you that the genre is Black Metal. At one point, the vocals drop to near whispers, allowing the keys and piano to shine.

"The Shadow of Everlasting Betrayal" is a brief two-minute instrumental of keys and ambiance. Some vocal chants come in the latter half of the song. "What was Imparted to Me" begins with a slow groove of guitars and piano notes. The guitars are buried in the background, but still noticeable. The vocals also remain in the background for the most part. Piano keeps most of the melody. "Undying and Ungrateful (His Dejection)" is a nine-minute closer. It sounds much like some of the other songs on the album...sublime piano notes with raging vocals. Some background chants manage to sneak up on you...this is dejection to the Nth degree. As the sound rolls on, you feel your heart being stepped on over and over again, until you have nothing left to live for.

Overall, I found the album more in the Dungeon Synth genre than the Black Metal genre, primarily because it's the main instrument used on the album. One song did have guitar, but it was fairly short lived. Still, The Seer builds delicate and soft melodies along with his melancholic sound, and if you are a sucker for good piano like I am, you will appreciate what "Bewitched by Destiny's Gate" brings to the table.

8 / 10









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"Bewitched by Destiny's Gate" Track-listing:

1. Necromantic Passions
2. To Follow your Spirit into the Night
3. The Enchantments of my Grief
4. Between Here and the Hereafter, Lies the Land of Hope
5. The Shadows of Everlasting Betrayal
6. What was Imparted to Me
7. Undying and Ungrateful (His Dejection)

Midnight Betrothed Lineup:

The Seer - All Instruments

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