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MICHAEL ZIMMEL is a solo post-metal artist from Linz, Austria. I'm always impressed when someone […]
By Calen Nesten
March 5, 2015
Michael Zimmel - Handelskai album cover

MICHAEL ZIMMEL is a solo post-metal artist from Linz, Austria. I'm always impressed when someone with loads of musical talent manages to create something by themselves, as a lot of hard work and dedication goes into mixing and producing all by yourself. But sometimes, the lack of input and varying influences of a full band leads to some pretty lackluster stuff. ZIMMEL's new album, "Handelskai" is meant to be one continuous track split up into five parts. Honestly, I listen to a lot of loud music, but the overarching riff in "Handelskai" gave me a splitting headache; it's a simple droning riff that occasionally rises, but is largely static. There is barely any change in the album's twenty minute run time, usually a post-rock style album will slowly rise and break out into something beautiful, giving the listener a release. It's a really cathartic style of music that I thoroughly enjoy but "Handelskai" is all build and no release. I felt like I was interrupted in the middle of some mediocre sex. It takes until halfway through the fourth track on the album for the music to change in a significant way. Even then, the album goes back to the same uninspired riff. The end track again features the changeless riff, I was expecting a grand ending, something shocking that would be worth the wait. Unfortunately the album simply ends with a dull, limp cymbal strike. I think that MICHAEL ZIMMEL made his album this way on purpose though; "Handelskai" is also the name of a tram terminal in Vienna. I can imagine the train ride to be long, uneventful and boring, which is a strange thing to draw inspiration from, but to each his own. MICHAEL ZIMMEL is obviously talented, but "Handelskai" seems rushed and poorly thought out; it's one long ride that goes nowhere. 

2 / 10

What the Hell?

"Handelskai" Track-listing:

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Michael Zimmel Lineup:

Michael Zimmel - All Music, All Production

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