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After the ridiculous web controversy concerning his apparition in the German version of the TV […]
By YngwieViking
May 18, 2015
Michael Bormann - Closer album cover

After the ridiculous web controversy concerning his apparition in the German version of the TV program « The Voice », the golden voice of Michael Bormann is shining once again through this fifth solo album, his first in a long period of four years stylistically ranging in his usual method somewhere between AOR, Melodic Hard Rock and a few Euro Metal flavors!

While staying always in the busy side of the industry, the ultra skilled musician/Producer had recorded a bunch of highly regarded albums with REDRUM / POWERWORLD / GRINDHOUSE / SILENT FORCE / RAIN or HUMAN FORTRESS among others!

His return with "Closer" could be a double-edge sword, it could be quickly rated with cynicism, as if he fell under the fast easy money category like cashing upon his new mainstream popularity, however the guy possess a very strong rock vocal organ and some pretty well learned tricks under his belt...His experienced method, was crafted day by day in his long career in the Melodic Hard Rock style is rewarding and his songwriting chops are effective...

The true fans of the early JADED HEART sound will be in Heaven, and newcomers will be impressed by such a powerful voice , the album fit perfectly with his past, maybe it works simply too much in the same vein and the similarities are numerous, that's my only complaint ("Living It Up"/"Rich Man's World") !

On the other side, with the mastery of his magic voice which is still amazing, he could have been singing the whole Estonian Phone book with more interest sparkle than most of the so-called songwriter of the mainstream Rock/Pop today scene !

The exciting starting triptych of song is hyper-catchy and set in an optimistic mood, in fact "I'm Not Your Entertainment"/"Let's Make History"/"Never Say Die" with the addition of the great Modernized flair of DEF LEPPARD in the exciting "Down To The Bottle" are the most recommended bulk of songs...The diversity of some influences are edifying, as the slightly Hillbilly-Southern flavor of "Can't Get A Touch Too Much" or the children choir in the radio friendly "Because We Are The World" are certainly surprising but full of beautiful emotions. Michael Bormann is a multi talented artist, he wrote all the songs and played most all the instruments on the album, with the exception of one track strategically placed at the end of the running order: The famous Demi Lovato song rendition "Warrior"...The same song that he had performed at the TV show behind millions of people! Once again the fine members of the good-taste Metal police and the narrow minded AOR ayatollahs and the Melodic Rock talibans will try to teach us the correct musical behavior and will start an endless polemic...Ignore them in silence!

For my part I suppose that you get clearly my semantic drift ...Well this kind of disc is enjoyable for all the lovers of European Hard Rock, even if it's a little predictable this is a very recommended album with great melodies and a superb Voice...His best solo album along with 2008's "Capture The Moment"!

8 / 10


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"Closer" Track-listing:

1. I'm Not Your Entertainment
2. Let's Make History
3. Never Say Die
4. Can't Get A Touch Too Much
5. Because we are the world
6. Living It Up
7. I wanna be a rock star
8. For this one time in life
9. Closer
10. Richmen's World
11. Down To The Bottle
12. Warrior

Michael Bormann Lineup:

Michael Bormann - Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jean Bormann - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Marco Grasshoff - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
Bobby Stöcker - Lead Guitars
Katie Juraschka - Backing Vocals

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