Rotten Flattery


METTADONE are a Ukranian death metal band formed in 2014. This is their second album […]
By Ross Donald
June 15, 2019
Mettadone - Rotten Flattery album cover

METTADONE are a Ukranian death metal band formed in 2014. This is their second album following on from their debut album "Invisible Disease" released all the way back in 2015. Judging by their promo photos and Facebook cover, they appear to enjoy wearing prisoner-inspired outfits and I really hope that they also wear those on stage.

The album kicks off with "Mind's Prisoner" and I'd say it's pretty brave to start an album off with a track over seven minutes long, but the band pretty much pulls it off and offers a song that sets up the rest of the record very well and it never outstayed its welcome. It's definitely a grower but all longer songs usually are.

"Obscurity of Hypocrisy" is a nice follow up and while it doesn't quite reach the same level as the opener, this is still a track worth checking out, especially for that sweet little guitar solo towards the end. It's obvious here that the band is more comfortable with longer songs.

The next two tracks offer the biggest highlights of the album. "Untrue Entity" offers more of that growling voice to keep the listener hooked and more great guitar work that appears to be present on every track here. The band is awesome when it comes to instrumental sections and the fact that the song also has a Lovecraftian tinge to it is something I just adore.

"Pray for Help" ended up being my favourite track on offer. I loved the intro as it starts off so heavy and the band is able to keep this up throughout the full track without it ever sounding repitive. Consider me impressed. There's more sublime guitar work at play especially towards the end, and the whole song just builds to an outstanding crescendo to really make this a standout and one that will stick with you after your first listen.

Every song on this album has something to offer and it's one you'll be coming back to time and again to find something new to enjoy. "Act of Revenge" is really the only song that I wasn't digging as much as the rest but I think that was just due to the face I will still trying to absorb every other song I'd already heard and yet I still found myself tapping my foot along to this track so it must have been doing something right.

As I said earlier the band definitely performs on a much higher level on their longer tracks which can be said for the haunting, piano-laden "In a Funeral Home" and the album closer "Orphan" in which the band just throws absolutely everything they have at the listener to end the album on a tremendous note.

The bonus track that really finishes the album I'm not really considering part of the review as it appears to be a re-release of a track from their debut album and doesn't fit in at all with the rest of the tracks here.

Still this was a tremendous album and one of the best of the year so far which took me back to the earlier releases of OPETH for an album with longer tracks. The production was also just spot on and made for an easy listen. Every song here just works so well on it's own and I'm sure they'll get even better with further repeat listens. A highly recommended album.

9 / 10

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"Rotten Flattery" Track-listing:

1. Mind's Prisoner
2. Obscurity of Hypocrisy
3. Untrue Entity
4. Pray for Help
5. On The Verge
6. In a Funeral Home
7. Act of Revenge
8. Orphan
9. He'll Not Be Alive (Bonus Track)

Mettadone Lineup:


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