From Augsburg, Germany comes METAVOID. They self-released their second E.P. "Heliosophist" on 10-19-2018. The follow […]
By Kayla Hutton
October 22, 2018
Metavoid - Heliosophist album cover

From Augsburg, Germany comes METAVOID. They self-released their second E.P. "Heliosophist" on 10-19-2018. The follow up to 2014's "Parasymmetry",  "Helopsophist" is a concept album about "birth, life, and death of our solar system and the sentient beings which emerged from it." For fans of a more extreme version of 12 FT NINJA, IGORRR, THE ALGORITHM & MESHUGGAH, there is plenty of de-tuned polyrhythms. If you would like to get completely blown away by an E.P., this will be the one. Approaching their instruments as if to be possessing some supernatural powers that increase brain activity, cognitive function, and well, ever seen a professional balloon bender? How in 30 seconds one man take a balloon and BAM hands you a castle with a moat, drawbridge, and the dragon? And do this task without batting an eye? Welcome to METAVOID. And when listening to "Aphelion" that is the best way to sum it up. These guys have pushed every boundary and any limit set by anyone. Mixing their own blend of death metal, djent, progressive(music, not vocals), and intellect proves that if you want a good mind fck, this is the best of the best.

Even the groove has some sort of transitional wow factor as you make your way into "Decarboxylation".  There is an insanely sick lead scale run that had to be overdubbed. I mean you cant transition from that blasting style riff and then move that fast to fill in that lead, can you? METAVOID is definitely making me question the ability and capability of human limitations. The technical aspect of their playing seems at times impossible. As the track slows down and finds its main groove the chord progressions are hard to grasp. Being out of tune = being in tune? What? "Embryophyte" has a disgusting intro that the bass just scrapes at the earth burning core. The tension of the introduction is just as resistant yet fitting as a subduction zone. When applying some atmospheric doom it's hard to swallow that these guys can be patient enough to slow down. The off-key and conflicting harmonies are brilliant. Everything that is wrong, has been made to sound exactly right. While I cannot determine if there are effects on the vocals or not, it's still captivating and intriguing as they shift from screeches to deep diaphragm lows. Sounding semi-gothic as a spoken word joins the 2nd intermission of atmospheric, instrumentally clean, and clear post-apocalyptic plucks. Ending in a doom like desperation, tremolo picking in powerful pitches really does hit you in the chest pretty hard.

With two tracks over seven minutes and three averaging three minutes, this is the second album this year, that by the time it was over, I was exhausted. So many moments I had to pause, go back, pause and go back. Questioning what I had actually heard. There are some techniques that I have never heard before. While METAVOID may appeal to "fans of", they are their own thing completely and comfortably. "Heliosophist" has left me almost speechless and astounded. Heavy? Oh sweet zombie Jesus, Yes. It's not easy to digest and likely METAVOID is another band that musicians will appreciate and the general public will scratch their head and say, "I don't get it." Production value is o.k. With how they play I would love to hear it with the best quality that exists today. But as it is I can't complain. The car handled it, on pc speakers, some of the sounds seemed lost. On 5.1 surround sound is the most satisfying.

Like a drug fiend, all I can say is, "I love it, I want more."

10 / 10









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"Heliosophist" Track-listing:

1. Helios 1
2. Aphelion
3. Decarboxylation
4. Embryophyte
5. Helios 2

Metavoid Lineup:

Philipp Schlothauer - Guitars
Ruben Schlagowski - Vocals
Jan Hase - Guitars
Thomas Niederreiner - Bass

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