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Hailing from Canada, and from their Facebook page, MESSORA "formed as a solo recording project […]
September 17, 2019
Messora - The Door album cover

Hailing from Canada, and from their Facebook page, MESSORA "formed as a solo recording project in 2016, MESSORA has become a band that obscures and challenges genre. To the band, the music comes as what feels best in the moment. To the fans, it is a kaleidoscope of sound that appears different at every glance and to every eye. MESSORA has been described as Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Melodic Metal, and Doom Metal by fans and showgoers. The elements that make up the music may seem familiar to some, yet the whole remains a challenge to define." "The Door" contains seven new tracks.

The title track opens the album, with a brief chaotic opening followed by mellow, moody clean guitars. The main riff than hits, and it's cold and sterile, almost GOJIRA like. The vocals are dirty and raspy and the structure is more Thrash like than anything else. Progressive elements come into play with how the meter shifts. "Tethered" is a shorter track, with clean guitars and a doleful presence. "The Veil" is just under ten minutes. That opening riff is heavy and aggressive and once again I am reminded of the cadence that GOJIRA uses. The guitars are used heavily here, with a harmonic presence overtop the pummeling, masterful riff. There are some slower, Doomy moments here as well. A guitar solo is preceded but a slower, more melodic passage, and then it's back to the cold, sterile riff from the opening.

"The Falling Star" is another lengthy song that right away has some Progressive elements in the meter. The chorus is full of melody-another nice surprise that the album has to offer. From there, the riff changes a few times and builds into a nice level of deep intensity. "The Pond" has a slower, more lumbering sound...Doomy and ominous. There is a lot of anger and hate in this song. The final moments are ambient and magical. "Untethered" is a shorter track, consisting of clean guitars with a feeling of despondence and hopelessness. A female voice speaks of "an awakening" where nothing has changed and the cold numbness of the world seeps under your bones. "The Tide" closes the album. Opening with a hard hitting riff, it soon expands with some harmonized guitars and a bit of melody. The Progressive elements come into play with the tightness of the composition and the mingling of the meter. The intensity breaks towards the end, and it comes to conclusion with clean guitars and a nice little melody.

Overall, this was indeed a hard album to categorize, genre wise. When the album is at its fiercest, I get a distinct GOJIRA vibe...those hard as ice riffs, sterile vocals, and punishing sound. But when they harmonize and explore some melody, and the two more ambient tracks, it lets me know that they are not afraid to experiment a bit. That is a strong quality to any good band, not afraid to take some risks for the sake of overly formulated music. I think that they are just beginning to hit their stride, and can't wait to hear their next release.

8 / 10









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"The Door" Track-listing:

1. The Door
2. Tethered
3. The Veil
4. The Falling Star
5. The Pond
6. Untethered
7. The Tide

Messora Lineup:

Zach Dean - Guitars/Vocals
James Cabral - Guitars
Ben Bertrand - Bass Guitar
Joey Lariviere - Drums

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