Captain's Loot


After successful series of support shows for the PRIMAL FEAR/BULLET "Eagles & Lions European tour" […]
By YngwieViking
April 11, 2015
Messenger - Captain's Loot album cover

After successful series of support shows for the PRIMAL FEAR/BULLET "Eagles & Lions European tour" in 2014, the Galactic German Space Pirates are back with a new found spirit and some sharp laser knives, their new album is a special CD rightly titled "Captain's Loot", it was crafted under the expertise studio guidance of veterans from the German scene as Rolf Munkes (ex EMPIRE / MAJESTY / RAZORBACK) and Charles Greywolf (POWERWOLF), and this is indeed a special treat for all the Teutonic fans, Heavy Metal traditionalists and True Metal warriors.

This "Captain's Loot" contain a mixture of rare re-worked tracks and cover songs. It will be also available as digipak, the official release date is set for 27th of March 2015 under the Massacre Records label .

The only little reproach, that I can formulate is the relative short time of playing concerning the original tunes as only the first three tracks are among the MESSENGER's repertoire, the remaining stuff are obviously courageous and respectful renditions of ultra Classic songs by RAINBOW with the iconic "Kill The King", HELLOWEEN & DIO, respectively the sublime "Don't Talk To Strangers" & "Dr.Stein"... But more than forty minutes of fearless Heavy Metal music forged in the most blistering Teutonic Steel is too good to be picky!

Some old German Metal legends appearing as guests for the following songs, as Miss Jutta Weinhold (ex VELVET VIPER) for some duet vocals on his "Black Bone Song" (from 1989's self titled single by ZED YAGO from Hamburg) and the former RUNNING WILD guitarist Gerald 'Preacher Warnecke for the anthemic "Port Royal", giving a true legitimacy to those covers and to this compilation.

If with their penultimate album "See You In Hell" (Massacre Records), the MESSENGER team-members were able to expand their status as best hope in traditional Heavy Metal and convinced their fans all over Europe with countless shows, their current album "Starwolf - Pt.I: The Messengers" wasn't that great... In my humble opinion!

Now, they forget about the too ambitious concept, they paid their tribute to the Lords of the Heavy sound and they show their allegiance to the Metallic orthodoxy, now focused on sticking to their original sound as they relate to their good old style, the "Captain's Loot" is all about recovering their high rank and their early credibility.

The songs "Sign Of The Evil Master" and "Tod Dem DJ" (German version of their 2005's "Kill The DJ") were only available in the limited version of 2011's "See You In Hell" , while "Asylum XTC" is a new version of their anthem from the old catalogue, firstly featured in the album of the same name in 1994.

So, dear Headbangers, Earthdogs, Hell Rats and Metal Maniacs, let's get ready for a full blown assault of double kick drums, bombastic gang vocals and backing choirs, catchy timeless melodies, sharp guitar riff and the formidable high pitched/four-octave-voice of Captain Francis Blake aka Siegfried "Siggi" Schüßler... Attention, fasten your seatbelts for the Ultimate Metal Trip through space and time with the MESSENGER gang!

8 / 10


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"Captain's Loot" Track-listing:

1. Sign Of The Evil Master
2. Tod Dem DJ
3. Asylum XTC
4. Kill The King
5. Port Royal
6. Black Bone Song
7. Dr. Stein
8. Don't Talk To Strangers

Messenger Lineup:

Siegfried "Schüßler aka Francis Blake - Lead Vocals
Frank Kettenhofen aka Chainmaster - Lead Guitar
Patrik Deckarm aka Pyro Jack - Rhythm Guitar
Benny Strauß aka Dr. H.R. Strauss - Bass Guitar
Markus "Merlin" Merl - Drums

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