Where convention treads the waters of versed and rehearsed rhythms and musings, the path often […]
By Quinten Serna
November 4, 2020
Mesmerized - Electrolyze album cover

Where convention treads the waters of versed and rehearsed rhythms and musings, the path often not taken leads to instances of curious venture; within the eldritch soundscape of MESMERIZED's newest album, "Electrolyze," one can appreciate the passion permeating the music.

The album begins with the title track "Electrolyse" (the British spelling of the word) which itself commences with Synth, drums, and narration before an extra synth layer is added in along with the guitars; the divergence between verse and chorus creates tension as well invokes a subtle sensation of resolution. "Rage" begins with a buildup of various synth modes overlaid upon one another before the drums, guitars, and bass take center attention; ANNA's dactyls in the chorus make the song memorable and captivating. "Desire" starts with percussive synth before a staccato rhythm changes the song's shape dramatically and continues on well into the chorus with tacet stings for the first half. "Shutdown" has a lo-fi effect both at the commencement of the track and during the first part of the verse, the song's strength lies within its modulations as it retains its core shape throughout the entirety of the song yet the subtle detractions capture the listener's attention and holds it until completion. "Satellite" without question has a heavier feel to it than most of the other songs upon the album, containing unrelenting rhythmic guitars, a cymbal heavy drum kit, and powerful bass. "Cyanide" might well be the most interesting piece on the whole of the album as it incorporates a good deal of the band's strengths in reference to rhythm, flow, and harmonies but as well shifts focus a great deal with heavier and faster inclination which nears the track to Death of Thrash Metal; the departure from previous archetypes provides a good deal of diversity for the overall structure of the album and is, by design, one of the most memorable tracks on the LP.

The first element of the music to strike out at me was just how much singer ANNA KIRÁLY reminds me of ORIGA. Her transitions and ghost notes are eerily similar, whether by intention or coincidence, their delivery is haunting and transcendent. The guitars are refined and concise, their build is focused on a start-stop playing style similar to Groove Metal though somewhat more restrictive, which makes for riffs that fit in well with the music type. The drums are tight but also manage to set up the foundation for each song along with accentuating the rhythm in the process through accents and subtle changes. The bass has a discerning quality of being more a force than a traditional instrumental, such that its integration feels that it has a greater influence than a sound-the tone is deep and somber which manages to fade into the percussion, yet is still present in an unmistakable caliber.

"Electrolyze" is an album unlike any that I've heard in years past and explore a range of music unfamiliar to many-MESMERIZED's abilities and skills in their craft is evolved and distinct to such a degree that they're works are instantly recognizable, and this album serves as an epitome of such.

8 / 10









"Electrolyze" Track-listing:

1. Electrolyse
2. Comeback
3. Rage
4. Desire
5. Fireheart
6. Shutdown
7. Call My Name
8. Hybrid
9. Satellite
10. Ready To Go
11. Carry On
12. Cyanide

Mesmerized Lineup:

Gabor Ronai - Bass
Farkas Hajdu - Drums
Oliver Mudra - Guitars and Keyboards
Anna Király - Vocals

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