Margin of Error


Danish melodic-metal band, MERIDIAN, has returned with their third full release titled, "Margin of Error". This release […]
By Kimzi (Pixel Dreams)
April 3, 2019
Meridian - Margin of Error album cover

Danish melodic-metal band, MERIDIAN, has returned with their third full release titled, "Margin of Error". This release was produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist, Marco Angioni and recorded at Death Island Studios in Denmark. Four tracks were previously released in 2018 as an EP, titled, "The Fate of Atlantis"Marco Angioni and Martin Jepsen Anderson are also in the heavy metal band, REECE, while Peter Bruun and Klaus Agerbo are both former members of BLACK SABBATH EXPERIENCE. Lars Märker is the vocalist in MERIDIAN but is the bassist in the band, WHORES AND THIEVES. With experience comes wisdom and I am excited to jump on in and hear the result of MERIDIAN's last two years.

From the get go, "The Devil Inside Us All", grabs the listener's attention, who is sure to be pleased to hear the melodic vocal style of Lars Märker. The guitar solo that cries out above the thunderous booms of the bass and the drums is a great addition to this catchy, opening track that will please any rock fan. "Off to War" will sound familiar to any MERIDIAN fans, as it was the first track of their EP released in 2018. Again, the calm, melodic vocals are a great companion to the heavier bass and drums. Another technically, tight guitar solo is included.

"Second Best" is simply a fun Rock anthem that will have you head banging well into the next rocker, "Margin of Error". This is the first time I get a hint of Progressive Rock while staying immersed in their melodic Metal roots. Upon returning to the band's website during this track, I quickly discovered drummer, Klaus Agerbo, has quite a few Progressive Rock bands mentioned in his bio. This all makes sense to me now. I am not distracted by this for too long because some dual guitar work comes in and grabs my attention. If soaring and plunging guitar licks are not pleasing enough, then they will raise you with an exchange between two guitarist and their drummer.

If I could change anything on this release, I would request for that glorious exchange to last another thirty seconds. Either way, I love it; a good give-and-take is one of my favorite things. "Fragments of a Life" is a melodic gem. Lars Märker's lyrics ooze out like molasses onto this slower track; he is definitely showing us his range. All I know is I will be singing along once I learn the lyrics. "In Nothingness" and "Drowning the Miracle" are just badass! There is not much more I can say, one should experience without too much input. Classic Rock anthems that will have you singing, moving and then banging your hand on the steering wheel? Yes, please! Who cares who may be watching? These two tracks will inspire you to give your vehicular neighbors a good show, complete with air-guitar solos. "The Fate of Atlantis", the title to the 4-track EP released in 2018, slows things back down and softens out the edges.

Clever songwriting is delivered via beautiful vocals and softer instrumentation. "Disconnect" and "Scream for Me" did not make it onto the vinyl due to space restraints, however, I am glad they made the cut for disc and digital. "Disconnect" is an absolute rocker complete with an IRON MAIDEN vibe and Progressive Rock flair. One of the longer tracks on the release, the listener has a great opportunity to see what this band can do. There really is something to be said for the meatiness of a band with two talented guitarists who can stand alone and also work so well together. "Scream for Me", brings us home slow and steady. Märker is on point once again as he covers some lower octaves to remind us of his incredible range.

I would label this release, consistent and fun as hell. I realize that may not sound too grandiose, but hear me out. There is nothing new about anthem rock nor melodic metal and Meridian is keeping it pure; there is no heavy experimentation going on. However, this release does rock. Bass and drums lay a solid foundation, guitars amp up the energy and steer the ship and vocals adds texture and keeps the beloved tradition of Metal alive! Although it may read simplistic, that is the beauty of it. Because of its technical maturity, it is clean and therefore, evident that this is a talented group of musicians. There is nowhere for them to hide and I respect the constraint and tradition. Solid release!<

8 / 10









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"Margin of Error" Track-listing:

1. The Devil Inside Us All
2. Off to War
3. Second Beast
4. Margin of Error
5. Fragments of a Life
6. Circle the Drain
7. In Nothingness
8. Drowning the Miracle
9. The Fate of Atlantis
10. Disconnect
11. Scream for Me

Meridian Lineup:

Lars Märker - Vocals
Peter Bruun - Bass
Marco Angioni - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Klaus Skjoldborg Agerbo - Drums
Martin Jepsen Andersen - Lead/Rhythm Guitars

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