Back to Violence

Merciless Attack

The four-piece Thrash Metal band MERCILESS ATTACK is based near Venice, Italy, and like they […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
March 20, 2015
Merciless Attack - Back to Violence album cover

The four-piece Thrash Metal band MERCILESS ATTACK is based near Venice, Italy, and like they sing in the fourth song in this debut album, they are clearly addicted to speed (Metal).
They play eighties based Thrash and Speed Metal with no compromises, and with influences ranging from METALLICA, but with a better drummer, through ANTHRAX and MEGADETH. You'll immediately start head banging, and you won't be able to stop until the album is over.

They start at full speed and only slow down for intro's in "Escape from New York" and the heavy blazing superhero song "The Toxic Avenger". They offer two welcome breathers from heavy openers "Trashing 'till Death" and "Spanking Command", and let you gather your strength and energy again for some more thrashing, heavy guitars and insane double-base pedal drumming. The lyrics by singer Punzo aren't all that understandable, nor are they the greatest poetry ever made, but who cares when you have a voice that cool and when the music rocks that hard. "Leatherface", "The Island of the Dead" and "Roadrage" form the middle part of the album, and keep you going at full speed and they will, if you don't pay attention, literally blow your socks off. Hide your kids and hide your wives, because MERCILESS ATTACK is coming for you.

In short, Back to Violence, the debut album of the clearly talented 80s Speed and Thrash Metal formation MERCILESS ATTACK, grabs you by the throat and keeps you in a tight grip until the end of the album, with the self named song "Merciless Attack", when you're gasping for air and you're begging for mercy. But which, if you take a look at the name of the band, you obviously won't get. This viciously speedy debut album really is a merciless attack. Like they say in the first song: "Trashing 'till death"!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Back to Violence" Track-listing:

1. Trashing Till Death
2. Spanking Command
3. Escape From New York
4. Addicted To Speed
5. Leatherface
6. The Island of the Dead
7. Roadrage
8. The Toxic Avenger
9. Merciless Attack

Merciless Attack Lineup:

Punzo - Bass, Vocals
Fede - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alessio - Guitar, Backing Bocals
Marco - Drums

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