Garry Brents has been known by many names under numerous projects, and of those, the […]
By Lesley-Ann Ang
July 12, 2023
Memorrhage - Memorrhage album cover

Garry Brents has been known by many names under numerous projects, and of those, the latest release is MEMORRHAGE. While Brents is technically unsigned, he lists all his work under the central hub called Lilang Isla. As MEMORRHAGE, this will be the first self-titled full-length album following the two-track EP "Old Wave." "Memorrhage" was released this past June to positive reviews, toting nostalgic 90's Nu-Metal with elements of industrial and metallic hardcore.

If there were any plans for a new cyberpunk style anthology, music supervisors don't need to look any further. As made obvious by the vaporwave album art, "Memorrhage" is littered with drum and bass loops alongside the usual heavy guitar riffs and unclean vocals. "Memory Leak" has so many surprising notes, highlighting each element more noticeably throughout the track. As I went through the album, I found myself quite unsure of how each drop would be executed, but I was positively surprised each time. The subtlety of the low-volume drum loop at the beginning of "Exit" lulls the listener before crashing into the first verse, reminding me of the the intro song from the second season of the dark, psychological thriller anime Death Note. Following the first three tracks, "Memorrhage" switches into more of a death metal style - less drum loops, straight into the rage drops - starting with "Finesse." Following the pivot, "Lost" caught my ear the most in terms of melody and memorability. There's a second pivot on the ninth track with the introduction of clean vocals in "Lunge" and "Utility." "Utility" is more for the metalcore fan, and it does not disappoint. The variety of subgenres in this single album thankfully is executed cohesively, allowing for the listener to find many gems as they go through each track. "Ex-Sprite" flips back to nu-metal, pleasantly closing out the album.

If you search for MEMORRHAGE, you'll find many reviewers citing a feeling of nostalgia to the early days of nu-metal. While there are so many younger metal listeners today, this album is the best gateway to reintroducing this subgenre to the masses. Garry Brents is without-a-doubt a master at creating a diverse discography under his many names, and MEMORRHAGE has nestled itself in nu-metal and metalcore playlists. Brents should be a household name in any metal family, if not for this project than for any of his others. If he doesn't continue under one of these projects, he would be valued as a producer. Nonetheless, MEMORRHAGE is one to keep an eye out for. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Memorrhage" Track-listing:

1. Memory Leak
2. Exit
3. Reek
4. Finesse
5. Old Wave
6. Lost
7. Knurl
8. Brain Wield
9. Lunge
10. Utility
11. Ex-Sprite

Memorrhage Lineup:

Garry Brents - All

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