Theater of Life

Memorized Dreams

A Norwegian Progressive Power Metal band with melodies and speed in the vein of older […]
By Makis Kirkos
June 28, 2004
Memorized Dreams - Theater of Life album cover

A Norwegian Progressive Power Metal band with melodies and speed in the vein of older bands. The main aspects of Memorized Dreams' music are the melodies that show beautiful piano parts and choirs yet blended with powerful riffs and pounding drums.
Theater Of Life is the band's debut album. Produced by Stein Bratland at the Skansen Studios and mastered at Area 51 Studios (Kamelot / Elegy / Crystal Ball) by Tommy Newton. This release contains a lot of guest musicians, let me mention just a few... Olaf Hayer (Dionysus / Luca Turilli / Lord Byron), Tormod Knapp, Christer Haroy, Ruben Lien, Nina Leirvik and Eskild Kloften.
Cover artwork made by Jean Pascal Fournier (Avantasia / Edguy)'s just awesome! These guys also used musicians from Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra for some choirs, cellos and violins on the album. I am sure you have heard of Martin Skei before, Karl Johan Kristiansen, Tord Lien, Tom Kilaas and Geir Roso.
Musically speaking, Memorized Dreams can be defined as orchestral Power Metal with some progressive tunes. Their music is quite different than the known metal acts of this genre, such as Athena, Rhapsody e.t.c. Unfortunately their compositions are a bit weak, despite their cooperation with famous musicians they just can't attract my interest.
I do not mean they are bad; it's just that they sound like a typical Power Metal band having nothing new to offer. They use catchy riffs, choir passages, tight rhythm sections and cool vocals. That's all. We heard all these before, what we need is something extraordinary. Of course they do have a strong structure on their tunes but the freshness of a new song is missing.
For sure you will enjoy hearing this album but don't expect to listen to something you haven't heard before. I like Theater Of Life, that's true, but I am expecting more from a band with their abilities. Highlights of the album in my opinion are Cardinal Sin, Gates Of Heaven and Light Above All. Just good Norwegian Power Metal with orchestral choirs and progressive tunes, that's all.

7 / 10


"Theater of Life" Track-listing:

Welcome To The Theatre
Cardinal Sin
Haloes And Wings
Gates Of Heaven
Sea Of Oblivion
Revelating Paradise
Light Above All
Crimson Dream

Memorized Dreams Lineup:

Frode Hovd - Guitar
Kee Jason - Guitar
Terje Harøy - Vocals
Olav Skei - Drums
Kenneth Skarsvaag - Bass
Stian D Rødsjø - Synths
Maria Garli - Piano, Synths

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