Architects Of Destruction


What's up, Metalcore maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on Germany's […]
January 28, 2016
Memento - Architects Of Destruction album cover

What's up, Metalcore maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on Germany's MEMENTO and their new EP entitled: "Architects Of Destruction". They founded in 2014.Metalcore... A genre I'm on and off about. But there are some talented bands out there and MEMENTO are one of them. Anything with "core" in a genre name always used to baffle me; in my own way, but thanks to Metal Temple; with every review, I continue to build a more open mind whether it's the subjective Black Metal, Metalcore, Progressive, or Technical, you know, the underground forms of music...there are still some good bands within these genres; it just takes some open minded will-power to appreciate their attempts, unless they sound awful and messy of course.

But what's so great about MEMENTO you may ask?  Well, I reviewed a band known as SAINT DIABLO once before, and they have a distinct vibe of influence from them, they sounded damn great, almost on par with SOULFLY standards, and this opinion of mine really sold me for MEMENTO. "Architects Of Destruction" is a typical Metalcore album; heavy, powerful, and just outright brutal. Jöko on guitar and also vocals; partnered with Jannik (who also pumps out some incredible drumming skills too) has a variety of cords; growls, high-pitched...and they work great. If you want clean ish singing in Metalcore. Jöko and Jannik are a great duet of this caliber and pull it off really well; with a nice combined mix of brutality, this is Metalcore after all.Mayo on bass unleashes some very nice sounds of steel that made me fist pump hard and Toub also on guitar; really helps unleash a destructive and powerful vibe that only left me feeling, just damn brutal.

I honestly didn't expect Metalcore before researching this band so, I went in all guns blazing to surprise myself. As I play "Blackbird" I surprised myself more so with this fact. The variety of  Jöko and Jannik's vocal ranges is pretty awesome, this is evidently more profound in "Chapter 88", "The Third Estate", and "Proclaim The Walls Of Force". This is an EP that has the influence of brutality hard in mind with some nice atmospheric elements as well. An all round mix of epic, musical integrity of hard-hitting Metal.

If I'm honest, the only negatives I can find here would be (I'm not sure which one) either  Jöko or  Jannik conduct some "whiny" vocals, which may put the hardcore Metal veterans off, but for me, they worked really well and integrates some fine musical value; again though, if it sounds good and you have a mind of Metal, you're in for a treat.

"Infinity" and "Antarctica" showcase atmospheric greatness implementing a hardcore progressive and more instrumental and Thrash-y, which sounded unique and original to me. And this pretty much sums up the entirety of this new release. Whether you are a Metal fan and are just craving a new discovery, look no further. MEMENTO is a new band that have rhythm, skill and technique all neatly rolled up in a true hardcore Metal incentive. This is for every Metalhead craving new but brutal material!

8 / 10


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"Architects Of Destruction" Track-listing:

1. Blackbird
2. Chapter 88
3. The Third Estate
4. Proclaim The Walls Of Force
5. Infinity
6. Antarctica

Momento Lineup:

Jöko - Vocals & Guitars
Mayo - Bass
Toub - Guitars
Jannik - Vocals, Synthesizer, & Drums

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