Surprisingly enough, Nuclear Blast has added an old-school Thrash band to its roster. Good news. […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 24, 2008
Meltdown - Executioner album cover

Surprisingly enough, Nuclear Blast has added an old-school Thrash band to its roster. Good news. MELTDOWN's Executioner demo CD (self-released in 2007; the band traveled to Germany to re-record the tracks with a couple of additions) ended up pleasing NB's headquarters, on the hunt for some 'retro Thrash' juvenile gang of bangers. Tell me, doesn't it become kinda fashion playing now this stuff while not born when Kill 'Em All was out? Nonetheless, good Thrash is gladly welcomed; hence, MELTDOWN steps in the 'revival of Thrash' typhoon and does the job.
Is there any significant difference between these Los Angeles, CA warmongers and the rest of the clan now in motion (EVILE, HYADES, MUNICIPAL WASTE, WARBINGER, VIOLATOR, MERCILESS DEATH etc)? Of course there is, else it's easy to say 'Thrash' and take it easy in censure. Let's check what the band states as influence: MERCYFUL FATE OK, METALLICA of course, JUDAS PRIEST reasonably enough, I see no BLIND GUARDIAN, SCORPIONS' 'sting' is of general acknowledge (all right, and the good take they make on Blackout)...blah...blah...OK...SEPULTURA/DESTRUCTION/CELTIC FROST speaks the truth, the RAMONES/DANZIG pair has a petite point, Y. Malmsteen...Okeyyyy...DREAM DEATH(!) was a nice surprise speaking of, etc etc etc.
MELTDOWN means business, in brief. They have anger, they have adrenaline, they play with tempos and songparts, they do not stick to the simply Bay Area portion and - eventually - that's the ace of the quartet, I think. There's Europe's malignancy, USA's smartness, Brazil's malice...Pure speed meets notable 'banging' breaks, some lad themes are rather 'luring' and - funny thing - you will not have an easy task trying to speak out what this one reminds you of and what's the other one sound like.
MELTDOWN - in general - reminds me of styles/eras and not (that much) of bands. Apart from mostly Crossover fans, I feel the rest of the Thrash Metal community liking its music old-school should try Executioner. With the valuable help of Andy Classen (HOLY MOSES founder, producer for dozens of bands like e.g. WARPATH, INCUBATOR, TANKARD, ASPHYX, BELPHEGOR, ROTTING CHRIST, KRISIUN), Execution carries a good proposal for valuable Thrash the old-fashioned way. Proceed, if fans of the genre.

7 / 10


"Executioner" Track-listing:

One By One
Black Tar Sin
Death And Destruction   
Murdered To Death
Double The Blood
By The Cemetery
Next Attack

Meltdown Lineup:

Adam Haritan - Drums
Ben Mottsman - Bass
Jeff Potts - Guitar
Dan Wetmore - Guitar, Vocals

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