Meister Leonhardt

Meister Leonhardt

With no Facebook page, no Bandcamp page, nothing from their EPK promo pack, no information […]
January 18, 2021
Meister Leonhardt - Meister Leonhardt album cover

With no Facebook page, no Bandcamp page, nothing from their EPK promo pack, no information from their record label, and no entry on the Metal Archives, it's obvious that the "Meister" prefers to remain anonymous. This is often the case with Black Metal. You know, you have to be anonymous to be true to the roots of the genre. Oh well, let's get to the review of this Black Metal band, from parts unknown.

"The Coldest Fire" opens the album. It's a short, two-minute mood setter. Ominous tones from the depths begin, as atmosphere builds in the background. It almost sounds like Dungeon Synth to me. "The Crown of Consenescence" opens with feedback and distorted guitar, along with some dissonance. In comes the Black Metal vocals, and the galloping drums. There is some structure here, but the production is raw, and the sound is a nod to the forefathers of the genre. How many thousands of bands are out there doing this same thing? The question is redundant.

"Of Things Never Finished" brings more of the same to the table. It's a slower moving song, with again some structure. The depressive tones are dialed up here, and the vocals are screams of rage. It picks up a bit with some intensity towards the end. "Nystagmus" begins with bass guitar notes that are soon lost in the mix of heavy guitars, drums, and vocals. The droning guitar riff begins to weigh heavily on the listener. "Thirst and Spiritual Infirmity" is a depressing, lumbering song, where the doomy qualities are more in the forefront. An extra layer of something is added here to give the song some depth.

"The Greatest of Circles" closes the album. It begins with some guitar feedback and drums, before the main riff hits, slow and depressing. It's obvious the "Meister" has the sound he wants here, and there are times that is actually has a bit of potential. But overall, it's just another Black Metal band trying to re-create the sound where it all began. My biggest question...why?

3 / 10









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"Meister Leonhardt" Track-listing:

1. The Coldest Fire
2. The Crown of Consenescence
3. Of Things Never Finished
4. Nystagmus
5. Thirst and Spiritual Infirmity
6. The Greatest of Circles

Meister Leonhardt Lineup:


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