Lethal Noise Of Violence


The band's logo set me up to expect something more Thrash-y, in the NUCLEAR ASSAULT […]
By Grigoris Chronis
April 1, 2010
Megahera - Lethal Noise Of Violence album cover

The band's logo set me up to expect something more Thrash-y, in the NUCLEAR ASSAULT or TOXIC HOLOCAUST style. OK, MEGAHERA is an Italian four-piece loyal to the early 80s Metal ideals. Said 'early'? Let's improve this to 'ancient', xaxa! The fact alone that they cover - in this EP - SAVAGE's NWOBHM anthem "Let It Loose" speaks for itself.

This must be the first offering from the Sassari, Sardinia-based outfit. In their MySpace page they defend the archetypal principles of Metal music (meaning the NWOBHM era) plus they progress to the early American Speed/Thrash development some years later. Fact is this manifest is quite accurate. Apart from the SAVAGE take, the three remaining songs show a fast profile with relentless guitars and raw melodic vocals just the way British bands like DIAMOND HEAD, SAXON, JAGUAR, SAVAGE, HANDSOME BEASTS and CHATEAUX. Flip the globe to reach the California state, USA meeting the testosterone early demo steps of TESTAMENT, EXODUS and METALLICA. As a matter of fact, I think that the "Kill 'Em All" and debut is the most proper link to describe MEGAHERA's 'NWOBHM with a little of Bay Area' basic layer of music writing.

The vocals - due to the accent and only - can be quite a drawback here and there but in general stand proud and original, with - it should be noted - a unique flavor in the more 'cry out' parts. The music, per se, can be quite exciting for lovers of the two movements described previously. Three songs with an average duration of seven minutes is not a task easy enough to succeed but MEGAHERA, obviously driven by their neat loyalty for raw Metal music, deliver the goods and really sound both like a classic band of those times but also as newcomers with lessons well learned and here to stay. The solos are as vintage as we all classic Metal maniacs like them and, on top of it...

...lyrics like "I came to put down a flower - on your gravestone - seeing that you weren't there anymore - 'cause you had risen" can raise the fist of the Metal child without falling into the cliché trap. Nuff said; already waiting the first full-length effort by these Italians. Now listening again to the "Let It Loose" cover, it's not far away from MEGAHERA's level. Traditional, good, full-adrenaline and promising.

8 / 10


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"Lethal Noise Of Violence" Track-listing:
  1. Let It Loose (Original By SAVAGE)
  2. Welcome Back (Heavy Metal)
  3. Before The Night
  4. Nasty Savage
Megahera Lineup:

Mario Marras - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Roberto Piu - Drums
AntonioBorgesi - Bulldozer BassGuitar
MarcoCossu - Rhythm & Lead Guitar

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