The World Needs A Hero (Reissue)


On Friday February 15th, BMG re-released MEGADETH's ninth studio album, "The World Needs A Hero" […]
By Dave Nowels
February 20, 2019
Megadeth - The World Needs A Hero (Reissue) album cover

On Friday February 15th, BMG re-released MEGADETH's ninth studio album, "The World Needs A Hero" . Originally released in 2001, the album was the first and only album to feature guitarist Al Pitrelli, who stepped in to take over for the departed Marty Friedman. The album was also the last for drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, and lastly was significant in the fact that it was the last to feature original bassist , David Ellefson until 2010. While it's heavier than the previous few albums, "The World Needs A Hero" still retains some of the more "more accessible" or "mainstream" elements that applied to "Risk". This isn't a Thrash album by any stretch, but it definitely retains some charm, as well as some hints of a slumbering beast.

The reissued album contains thirteen tracks, and clocks in at just a minute over one hour. Of special interest, BMG made sure to include "Coming Home" as the album's final track. The song was originally only available on the Japanese import of the original release, or subsequently, in the "WarChest" boxed collection. The album opens with "Disconnect" which really sets the tone and overall, the pace of the album. Immediately, it's obvious that this isn't a return to the Thrash roots of the first four albums. Like many, I am enamored by the Friedman era of MEGADETH. Pitrelli does a superb job here, but there was something about the Mustaine/Friedman collaboration that just seemed to push things to a different level. They challenged one another and as a result brought out the best in each other. That's missing here. Yet, there are moments of metal prominence. "Recipe for Hate...Warhorse" and "Moto Psycho" excel.

"Return To Hanger" continues the magnificence of "Hanger 18" from "Rust In Peace", and paired well with its predecessor in a live format. Of special interest, is the musical portion of "When" which seems to have a similar feel to DIAMOND HEAD's "Am I Evil?"  Final verdict? I hadn't listened to this release for quite a long time. MEGADETH has always been a favorite of mine, but this album, other than a few of the mentioned tracks, just never resonated with me. Revisiting, I can say I've gained a bit more respect for the album as a whole. It's a fun journey through an adventurous era of the band's history. Any MEGADETH fan should do their best to check out this reissue as well as "The System Has Failed" which has also been re-released.


7 / 10









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"The World Needs A Hero (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Disconnect
2. The World Needs A Hero
3. Moto Psycho
4. 1000 Times Goodbye
5. Burning Bridges
6. Promises
7. Recipe For Hate...Warhorse
8. Losing My Senses
9. Dread and the Fugitive Mind
10. Silent Scorn
11. Return to the Hanger
12. When
13. Coming Home

Megadeth Lineup:

Dave Mustaine - Guitar, Vocals
David Ellefson - Bass
Al Petrelli - Guitar
Jimmy DeGrasso - Drums

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